I’m rude..will you still help me?

I need some help! I am having difficulties with my workouts..well maybe not difficulties…but confusion. I’m not sure I’m doing enough or the right thing…and I’m getting frustrated by not knowing…I want to make sure what I’m doing is going to give me the results I’m looking for. I know that it takes time to see results….and I’m fine with that…..the problem is I‘ve never consistently lifted weights as a means of losing weight. I always focused on the cardio and hit that hard. I want to make weights be a consistent part of my workouts and help me progress to my goal…. but I’m not sure I have a good routine (if you wanna call it that). If I had extra money to hire a personal trainer I’d do it in a heartbeat and have them make me a weight lifting schedule and routine…but since I don’t…I’m reaching out to you in hopes that you may have a great weight lifting/cardio routine that is tailored specifically for losing weight and toning your junk…and not just the junk in your trunk J. I know beggars can’t be choosers but I’m not looking for little helpful hints that you “THINK” might help (not to be rude)…... I am looking for advice from someone that lifts weights regularly …has lost weight by doing so….or even better… a personal trainer. Rude alert. I’m setting the rude alert off on myself for being so demanding when I am asking for help!! Sorry…I’m not trying to be rude or demanding and I’m not saying I don’t want to hear your advice...…I just want factual facts and not helpful hints like those provided in People magazine.

Ok to the point…my main concerns are….Am I doing enough? Is 30 minutes a day enough? Am I doing the right exercises? Should I split my workouts into upper and lower body? What should I be doing? How much cardio? How much weight lifting?

If you can help…THANK YOU! I was hoping you might give me some examples of what you currently do or have done. I know not many people read this…so I’m not sure I will get much if any feedback but if you are reading this and you can help me…please leave a comment and tell me what you do…and please be specific.
P.S…. Just to avoid any retarded comments that might come from this post… I don’t think I’m fat. I don’t think you’re fat. I’m not asking you to tell me I’m not fat…I would just like some suggestions, and if you can give me any I would be so so so so so thankful!

Thanks love ya..

This is what I’m currently doing (only for the past 2 weeks)

· Weight Lifting 30 minutes
· Leg Press 3 sets 12
· Inner and Outer thigh Machine 2 sets 30
· Bicep Curls 3 sets 12
· Tricep Curls 3 sets 12
· Walking Lunges 20 down and 20 back
· Shoulder Raises 3 sets 12
· Calf Raises 2 sets 30
· Abs 3 sets of 20 (weighted)
I try to only rest 15-30 seconds in-between each rep so I am getting cardio too

25-35 minutes Stair Stepper


Ashley said...

Warning: I know nothing. But does your gym have the Les Mills programs? (Body Pump, Body Combat, Body Step etc). I know the OAC there does offer those classes and they ROCK. My body isn't fantastic, and probably never will be, but I've hit those classes hard the last few months and it has made a huge difference. The body pump one especially (an hour of weights set to music--it flies by). But sounds like you do your workouts early in the morning--so I don't know if it would work in your routine. I've found I do better in classes rather than on my own. I get pumped up and actually look forward to going, so it works for me. And I'm sure people tell you this all the time, but you look fantastic as is! With that said, I know how it feels to just want to tone it up a bit, but truly, you are a beautiful girl.

Erin said...

I am sure you have heard enough of me but....try splitting up your body if you only have 30 min. for weight lifting. Your reps should be more than 100 for each muscle worked. That is hard to do by yourself...but try 5 or 6 sets of 20 with heavy weight. I can go through each muscle with you if you want for weight requirements. Think Fatigue, Fatigue, fatigue. If you think you are...you aren't. Do one more set. still do abs everyday....make sure you are doing them correctly or nothing will come of them. Try doing combo sets for shoulders, biceps triceps back etc. Give it 6 weeks or more. I will see if I can write something up for you. THis looks good but if you aren't seeing results you want it gets frustrating.