The Quirky Tag

Ok...I have 10 minutes before I'm off to look at some houses...can I complete this tag in 10 minutes....let's see...

(3 hours later)

1. I can only sleep on my right side....with a body pillow...and a puffy pillow for my sweet little head. (this is not by choice (back pain)...but I would consider it quirky)

2. I tuck the top of my mouse suit into the bottom of my mouse suit (mouse suit = g's...Dave's nickname)....that's right, I'm a tucker.

3. I can not start eating dinner until the mess I created while cooking is COMPLETELY clean. All I want to do after I eat is put my dinner plate in the dishwasher and walk away.

4. I like to pop zits. In fact.. I LOVE IT. I even sometimes have dreams about pooping a really good zit. Dave lets me pop his back sometimes...its his way of showing me he loves me.

5. I am always pulling my shirt down.... :) No..silly people not like that. I'm talking about the bottom part of my shirts. I'm always tugging and pulling to make it longer...even if its a long shirt. It's something I do out of habit I guess...maybe I think it makes me look skinner if my shirt is longer...??

6. This quirk has changed in the past two weeks since living in Utah...but when I was in Portland, not a day that went by where I didn't talk to someone in my family. I just love them..

the end.

tag emma, jen, court, jac,...and anyone else.


Halloween ExtravaGANSA

geeze louise! What a fun weekend! The whole fam was in town and we partied hard core! We went to the corn maze, tried to carv pumkins, had a surprise birthday party for my dad...had a crazy fun (jam packed) Halloween party...went to the temple, watched scary movies...chatted the nights away..and laughed our little somewhat big bums off! (the big referring to me not you sisters) It was so much fun! We also went to Tonys TWICE!! YUMM!! Since I am somehow stil really really busy...I'll leave it at that and throw in some pictures for your viewing pleasure!! Thanks mom and dad for a fun willed five days!!


We made it..and we're busy

We arrived into Utah almost two weekends ago..and I haven't had a spare minute to blog...I can't even believe it. I am beginning to understand how it is so hard to blog when you are not sitting in front of a computer for 8 hours a day...its very difficult to find time...its seems like everything else takes precedent....(weird).
Anyhow...we are here, we are loving it...and we are BUSY! House hunting is not for the lazy folk...its takes serious looking and hard work! But we are making progress! Turtle is a bit stressed and confused...Dave Love's his job...we love Utah...life is good!

Proof that we are really here..(Rumbi Grill)mmmm mmmm good!

PS..any friends or family that I haven't called or seen yet..don't hate me.. I want to call you and play with you really soon! I really have been crazy busy.. working, looking for a job, moving, looking for a house showering...ya know all that stuff..it's our Halloween family weekend(wed-sunday non stop party)..so next week..IM FREE! (unless I have to start work..)


So long, Farewell

We can not WAIT to move to Utah. We have been working our tails off in preparation for the move and have just 1 day left! Although we couldn't be more thrilled about our move, reality is setting in and it is becoming clear that we're going to miss this place dearly! Portland is where our life together began and where all our memories up to this point reside. We've been blessed to make dear friends that have been like family to us...we have become accustomed to the mild beautiful weather...we've seen the breath taking sites....and just recently we've begun to feel that Portland was "our home"...(minus our real family). I want to dedicate this post to Portland a place we've come to love...I'm sure it will naturally shift places with Utah and become our "new" home away from home.

10 things i'll miss
(in no particular order)

1. the beautiful weather

2. visits to the coast

3. the hundreds of hikes, trails, and bike paths (just outside our front door)

4. magical strawberries and berry picking

5. Nike clothes being sold everywhere for CHEAP
(Shopko,Fredy's,& Ross 2 name a few)

6. low altitude runs

7. McMenamins dinner and a movie

8. friends who make you feel at home

9. wearing hoodies in the summer

10. NO TAX ON ANY PURCHASE i.e.(Diet Coke =$1.25 you pay $1.25)

I tried to create a slide show and it erased on me, so I am posting a bunch of pics our time here in Portland. (most are repeats from previous posts)

bye bye Portland. Thanks for letting us stay! We'll miss you. Be back soon!


it just fit

Last night Dave gave Turtle a new name... Miss Mensie. Not sure if it was inspired by the word "Mensies" or not, either way I kinda like it. I guess I was excited about her new identity because I decided to give Dave a new name also....
I began listing every name under the sun...figuring that if said enough names aloud the right one would stand out....and it did.....Afterward I went and checked on Miss Mensie who was down stairs sleeping. I came upstairs, got in bed, then leaned over and gave Charles a kiss good night. We both slept soundly.

(I sang Charles this song to alleviate any grumbling brought on by my decision)
(3 days and counting)



She's so cute when she is sleepy and in the mood to cuddle!



wHat The hECk in tHe WorLd

When my lovely niece Gracie was about 3 years old, she sent my mom a letter that my sister helped her write. My sister wrote word for word what Grace wanted to tell her "gaga" (my mom)...

the letter went something like this..

"i love you gaga, i like to play wit mom, come see me, cache is my older brother, we love when you see us, my favorite is chocolate, WHAT THE HECK IN THE WORLD. Love, Grace

We all laughed our heads off at the letter and have all taken the saying "what the heck in the world" and added it to our everyday vocab.

So can I just say "WHAT THE HECK IN THE WORLD!!" Could packing be more stressful, tiring, draining, physically painful and ANNOYING! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!

5 days and counting!!



I watched this video on one of my friends blogs, and I HAD to share it with anyone who has not seen it...its too funny to keep secret! Make sure to watch the entire thing! (thanks han)

After watching Stacy's Trumpet solo, we stumbled across this video...hilarious!

I am a party animal

This is the first time since I've been married, and maybe even in 2 years that I have been awake past 11:30pm on a weekday. Yes, its true...I am awake in the AM...this is not my dream typing...its me. After a long night of packing we got to bed pretty late by our standards(11:00pm). I tried to fall asleep but I seem to have a long list of things that need to get done and I kept adding to and reviewing this list over and over again. After an hour of reviewing in my mind, I realized that the madness would not stop until I physically put these things on paper. So here I am 1:27 am...still awake. It's crazy to think I used to go to bed between 1:00 and 3:00am on a regular basis. I felt obligated to document this event since it may be years until it happens again. Thanks for the stress Utah, I still love you and will see ya soon!