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Hey friends….here is the latest post from my other blog, I thought I’d let ya all be aware! I’m so happy it’s the weekend. We are going shopping..yay fun!
Big AnnouncementI’m pregnant!! …..ok Just kidding. Not even close. But I am moving! Not cities or houses or jobs,but blog locations! You can now find me at
New site: http://www.nono2yoyo.comFeed: http://www.nono2yoyo.com/?feed=rss2
It’s still the same blog but in a new location and with a new look! I will be posting all of my new posts on that site, so make sure to update all your feeds, links, blogs etc to the new site address so you can come and visit me there! I just finished the transfer this morning and am still working on a few things so bare with me. I’m excited that I have my own site…i’ve never had one before. yay!
If you have ever thought about self hosting but aren’t quite sure how to make the switch, check out this amazing blog that I came across the other day. Its called Health Blog Helper. If you are new to the health/food/fitness blogging world like me there are so many things that exist that I’m not even aware of, and at times its pretty overwhelming. Health Blog Helper has been a life saver! Matt, the host has been so awesome to answer every single question i’ve had about moving my blog and figuring out how things work. I’m no stranger to technology but there is a lot to know and learn and without the help of him and his blog I would not even know where to start!Thanks Matt!
I’m still experimenting with the new layout and look check it out and let me know what you think!


Weekend update and new posts…

I posted a weekend update from our trip to Illinois on my other blog and have been meaning to post it on here too. To save time and energy go to http://nono2yoyo.wordpress.com/2009/09/24/weekend-update-a-little-late/ to view it. I also have a few other new posts that you can check out while you are there. Here are the links, if they don’t work just go to the blog and you can find them all there. J Hope your having a great week!!


Oops I forgot

I forgot to add the link to my newest post on nono2yoyo
Take a looky: http://nono2yoyo.wordpress.com/2009/09/16/how-much-do-you-weigh/

Rainy Days

I love the rain. I think I was born to live somewhere rainy. All I want is for it to rain. I love it so much. I love the smell, the sound, the darkness. And I love how comfortable it makes me feel. Dave is the exact same way. We have both always been this way forever and it’s so fun to enjoy it together. We love rain so much that every night we fall asleep listening to rain and thunder on dave’s IPOD.Instead of complaining when it is dark and dreary outside, we take the opportunity to snuggle up and enjoy it. We get in comfy clothes, eat our fav treats, open the windows, listen and relax. If there is ever lightning and thunder we are so excited. We could sit outside and watch and listen to it all day/night long. Dave grew up in Illinois and had tons of big storms and when he moved to the west he was quite disappointed in what we called “thunder storms”. I kept telling him that in September we seem to get some good rain and thunder storms but up until this week he didn’t really believe me. The lightning and thunder this week was still pretty weak for him, but none the less exciting. I told Dave that maybe we should move somewhere that there is thunder and lightning storms on a regular basis. He looked it up online and found out that Florida averages one lighting storm every four days. Hmmm…maybe we’ll move there.


Weekend Plans/New Posts

I have a few new posts on my other blog… check them out here and here .
Only 2 hours left until Dave and I head to Cedar City for the weekend. Dave is going on a weekend long four wheeler trip with Casey (my bro-in law) and I am going to hang out with Courtney and the kids. Yay! I’m way excited. I can’t wait! Court and the kids aren’t coming up until Friday night so I’ll have the entire day to myself. I’m excited to spend some quality alone time. I have a few things on my list of things to do…take a nice run, sleep, watch movies…read magazines…fun stuff like that. I have no internet phone or TV so it will be quite relaxing! Bye bye for now.


Summer, Fall…NO WINTER….

Happy fall. I love the fall. I also love the summer so I’m sad and happy about the changes that will happen. I drove to work this morning with the heater on and it reminded me of winter…which I hate. I wish it would be fall and summer all year long.

We had a fun weekend…busy but fun. We did a lot of labor day sale shopping. Since there were great sales and we need stuff for when we have a home, we bought almost everything we need in one weekend. Fridge, washer dryer, couch, and…..Dave sold his car last week and on Saturday he got a new one. He is so excited. He got a VW Tourague and he loves it with all his heart. It’s really cute, and in amazing condition. I’m a bit jealous of it. It looks brand new and it’s a 2004, the owner took amazing care of it. We got a screaming good deal on it too…so we were both happy! Anyhow …I think I forgot to mention this on here….but we aren’t building a house anymore. Yup. We are officially retarded. Well not really. We were about ready to dig and but the longer we went in the process the more the house was getting ridiculously high in price. We were going to be spending at least 60k more than we wanted and or planned. Dave felt very uneasy about it and I agreed…so we backed out. So here we are. Square one again..looking for a home. We think we found one…but I don’t want to ginx it so I’m not going to talk about it until we find out for sure in a few weeks. So that’s the deal. Oh Also…I posted a few new posts (as of Friday) on my new blog…. If you didn’t already get a chance to read the new posts I wrote on my “new blog” take a look. If you want, add the blog to your google reader or blog checker because although I may add links on this blog to that blog as I write new posts as a reminder to you that the other blog exists, I don’t think I’ll always remember to do so. Anyhow… have an awesome short week…. I’m not working Friday yay…2 ½ days and counting!!

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Math and the New Blog


I passed my math! Yay me. That means I’m finished with school…as in am a degreed woman! It only took a million years to muster up the strength to take that bloody class. I did pretty well too considering I was shooting for a passing grade only. I ended up with a B and huge smile on my face!


I mentioned in a post a few weeks ago that after I finished with my math class I was going to start a new blog…that’s not entirely true. I had kind of already started it, but I didn’t have time to write any posts since all my spare time was wrapped up in my math class. I have been done with math for three weeks now and have had plenty of time to blog….but the truth is I have been a little bit hesitant about sharing this blog with my friends. The only reason is because in order to explain why I started the blog I have to speak very honestly about me…and share information about myself that is personal and kind of embarrassing. After thinking about it for over three weeks I decided that I do want to share it. The reason I decided to start the blog in the first place was to document my progress and experiences and hopefully share experiences that may relatable to others. Before I started the blog I had been doing a lot of blog reading in the healthily living, food and fitness blog world and a lot of these blogs have helped me so much. I realized that my experiences are very similar to a TON of other bloggers I’ve read about. So, I decided it would be fun to start my own. I want to focus the blog on living a healthy positive life and the changes that we have to make to do so. The blog is about my steps in doing just that. I hope that you and anyone who wants to will participate will. When I say participate I’m talking about an interactive blogs with questions, challenges…comments fun stuff like that. I want to learn from anyone who has anything to say and discuss topics together and maybe through documenting my experiences I can help influence others just like others have influenced me. The name of the blog is nono2yoyo.wordpress.com . To get a better understanding of why I started the blog and what it’s all about read the about me page first and then go to the home page to read the first post. I have a few other posts that I’ve already completed but I’ll wait to post them until after this post so if you want to read the first post first you will be able to. I plan on posting frequently and discussing lots of random topics. Fitness, nutrition, power of positive thinking, struggles, goals…and who knows what else! Anyhow…I’m kinda nervous about people (you) reading it….but I think I’m ready to put the past behind me and realize that I should not be embarrassed by it! I have done what I consider to be a 180 degree change and I am at a wonderful place with myself. I think knowing that gives me courage to let it all out…ok that its. J See ya

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