Weekend Plans/New Posts

I have a few new posts on my other blog… check them out here and here .
Only 2 hours left until Dave and I head to Cedar City for the weekend. Dave is going on a weekend long four wheeler trip with Casey (my bro-in law) and I am going to hang out with Courtney and the kids. Yay! I’m way excited. I can’t wait! Court and the kids aren’t coming up until Friday night so I’ll have the entire day to myself. I’m excited to spend some quality alone time. I have a few things on my list of things to do…take a nice run, sleep, watch movies…read magazines…fun stuff like that. I have no internet phone or TV so it will be quite relaxing! Bye bye for now.


Margaret said...

Sorry about the house Natalie. That is a bummer. Hopefully you can find something else soon.

And good job on the health blog. I will have to add it to my google reader.