Math and the New Blog


I passed my math! Yay me. That means I’m finished with school…as in am a degreed woman! It only took a million years to muster up the strength to take that bloody class. I did pretty well too considering I was shooting for a passing grade only. I ended up with a B and huge smile on my face!


I mentioned in a post a few weeks ago that after I finished with my math class I was going to start a new blog…that’s not entirely true. I had kind of already started it, but I didn’t have time to write any posts since all my spare time was wrapped up in my math class. I have been done with math for three weeks now and have had plenty of time to blog….but the truth is I have been a little bit hesitant about sharing this blog with my friends. The only reason is because in order to explain why I started the blog I have to speak very honestly about me…and share information about myself that is personal and kind of embarrassing. After thinking about it for over three weeks I decided that I do want to share it. The reason I decided to start the blog in the first place was to document my progress and experiences and hopefully share experiences that may relatable to others. Before I started the blog I had been doing a lot of blog reading in the healthily living, food and fitness blog world and a lot of these blogs have helped me so much. I realized that my experiences are very similar to a TON of other bloggers I’ve read about. So, I decided it would be fun to start my own. I want to focus the blog on living a healthy positive life and the changes that we have to make to do so. The blog is about my steps in doing just that. I hope that you and anyone who wants to will participate will. When I say participate I’m talking about an interactive blogs with questions, challenges…comments fun stuff like that. I want to learn from anyone who has anything to say and discuss topics together and maybe through documenting my experiences I can help influence others just like others have influenced me. The name of the blog is nono2yoyo.wordpress.com . To get a better understanding of why I started the blog and what it’s all about read the about me page first and then go to the home page to read the first post. I have a few other posts that I’ve already completed but I’ll wait to post them until after this post so if you want to read the first post first you will be able to. I plan on posting frequently and discussing lots of random topics. Fitness, nutrition, power of positive thinking, struggles, goals…and who knows what else! Anyhow…I’m kinda nervous about people (you) reading it….but I think I’m ready to put the past behind me and realize that I should not be embarrassed by it! I have done what I consider to be a 180 degree change and I am at a wonderful place with myself. I think knowing that gives me courage to let it all out…ok that its. J See ya

New Blog: www.nono2yoyo.wordpress.com

About Me: http://nono2yoyo.wordpress.com/about/


Amy said...

I love the new blog!! It is so motivating. I have a hard time with positive thinking, thank you so much for sharing your story!!