no responsibility

I don't know about everyone else but for me when Sunday night rolls around I usually start to feel a little bummed knowing that I have to go to bed early and wake up the early the next morning to go to work...it kinda sucks! Tonight I feel like a teenager! Its been a blast! Dave and I have stayed up waiting for the clock to strike midnight so we could go to 711, get treats, and go to redbox to get a movie! We hung around all day sleeping, watching movies/tv, playing on the computer, playing cranium, making cookies....so much fun stuff. We took a late night stroll around 10:30 and sat in the park and talked about our future plans and dreams.... We just now got back from 711 and are starting a movie! I told Dave I feel like a kid with no responsibility...and it feels great! We'll I better go so we can start the movie...what a fun night we had.....I am so lucky I get to share my life with my favorite person in the world...sweet daveo babeo! gosh..i love him !!

(this is the result of me playing with the filtering options in photoshop..kinda a silly layout...but very fun to make!)


any ideas??

I can't believe its been over five days since my last post! Not having Internet at work has really limited my time for blogging....now I understand why some people are so horrible at posting!
So, I need some help with something...Dave and I's anniversary is next Sunday. We are going to Maui with my parents and are super duper excited. I want to do something special and cute for dave on our anniversay but I am having a hard time coming up with something orignal or cute...it seems i'm having a hard time coming up with anything.. Can everyone pitch in and give me some suggestions of cute things to do for our one year anniversary...any and every idea would be much appreciated! We just bought a video camera for our anniversary gift to each other, so I don't really need a money gift, more like a cutesy, or romantic, or thoughtful, special something that I can make or do or just something we can remeber about our first year....I am seriously needing some suggestions. So think really hard about something cute or special you may have done for your husbands and let me know asap! Thanks guys!!


one 4 tert good


smokin hot

100 degrees! It was smoking hot here today! It was 85 degrees yesterday and will be 85 tomorrow and stay in the 80's all the way until Thursday! We have been waiting for this weather for a long time!! Its wonderful! Dave and I only worked until 10:30 this morning and took the rest of the day off! We went shopping then to lunch at Red Robin and then lounged at the pool! There were a group of college aged girls laying out as well and they entertained us with there drama the entire afternoon! It was like watching a live version of "The Hills"...Dave and I were cracking up! After swimming we came home and took a little nap and then went to eat at The Old Spaghetti Factory...yum, yum! Mizithra Cheese Pasta mmmm its AMAZING! We just got done watching "Over My Dead Body", which was very cheesy but fun to watch and entertaining...its fun to watch movies like that sometimes! Dave was a great sport and watched the entire thing...I think he liked it more than he thought he would! It now 2:00am and Dave and I just started another movie...he he we love the weekends!! It's so nice knowing we can sleep in tomorrow as late as we like!! Along with all the other fun we have had today I have been working on the layout below throughout the entire day and night....I just can't get it right. I started this morning at work (I brought my laptop)and then messed with it some more when we got home and then again after the movie tonight...its driving me crazy, I just can't get it to look the way I want...so I finally have given in and decided to leave it be and start on something new.... So here it is...sorry if these layout posts are getting old...its just fun to share something I am enjoying so much!



bad news bears

no more Internet at work. happy birthday to me....NOT!! i pretty much cried when i found out. i am not sure what i will do now. PLEASE...if you have any ideas or suggestions of things i can do to occupy my down time at work post a comment or just call me to say hi and pass the time! i guess my lack of Internet will eliminate my addiction for blogging :( here is my latest design...



tuesday night ='d grocery shopping, cleaning house, dinner, and watching tv while scrapbooking...


tip of the day

We used to use Outlook here at work but they changed us over to Lotus Notes and its just a disaster! No one knows what they are doing or how to use the stupid thing...its really hard to get used to! Anyhow, everyday they send us a "tip of the day" in hopes that we will get better. It's not working. So today I thought I'd give my own tip of the day....a tip that will actually be useful! If you use google reader, you know how much it comes in handy when checking friends and family blogs, your favorite websites, news, etc. So just in case you don't know about this great google figure.....I'll fill you in. Its called google Reader. It saves a ton of time and makes life much easier...that is if your life is blogging.........and it's not like it isn't obvious that i spend a large majority of most days blogging, and full on surfing the world wide web...I can't help it though...I have nothing else to do! If and when I have work...i love it...because i keep busy and the day flys by...the problem is I rarely have enough work to keep me busy all day long! So if you are reading this and you have a blog....you can rest assure that I have read every one of your posts and looked at every picture...and i loved them all! Your blogs and emails are my workday entertainment...so thanks for keeping me entertained! Here is the link that tells you all about google reader and helps you get set up...its really easy! Let me know if you have any questions....Thanks to my brilliant sister I have had google reader since I started blogging! Thanks Court!! You are always keeping up on the latest stuff....and you look exactly like faith hill!! :)

Keep track of your favorite websites

Stay up to date
Google Reader constantly checks your favorite news sites and blogs for new content. Whether a site updates daily or monthly, you can be sure that you won't miss a thing.

Simplify your reading experience
Google Reader shows you all of your favorite sites in one convenient place. It's like a personalized inbox for the entire web.

Discover new content
Millions of sites publish feeds with their latest updates, and our integrated feed search makes it easy to find new content that interests you.



Digital Scrapbooking

I have acquired a new hobby...its so much fun! For the first time ever I can actually make my scrapbook pages look somewhat cute! Its SO SO SO much easier than regular scrapbooking for me. I literally cannot draw or cut a straight line and on top of that I suck at anything that falls into the crafty, gluey, glittery, needly, and fabricy category. I just really struggle with it. All my attempts at scrapbooking in the past would start with really cute paper and materials and end with something funky and not cute at all! Anyhow, I am thankful for this digital stuff that makes scrapbooking a whole lot easier and cuter in my case! I am really enjoying myself and am learning new things every time I play with it (thanks to Dave!!) Here is the latest layout

now i have two

If you know us....you know we LOVE LOVE LOVE movies, and watch them all the time! It's been kinda hard trying to rent movies the last couple months cus it seems like we have seen everything! We will walk up and down the isles and take what seems like hours sometimes to decide. Last Christmas I gave dave a clear play dvd player that edits movies and gets rid of all the unwanted sleeze, volguarity, and violence...It edits the shows to make them as squeeky clean as you'd like.....and WE HAVE LOVED IT! We let our subscription run out a while back and we just barley got around to renewing it...so we have been seeing alot of new movies lately! This weekend we rented a GREAT movie! Infact I added it to my list of favorites....I really only had one other movie on my favorite list (Finding Neverland) but thanks to clear play now I have two!

"Eternal Sunshine for the Spotless Mind"
This movie is so great! If you have not seen it yet...SEE IT...RENT IT...but please use your clean flicks player or something like it, I don't want to tempt anyone to rent an (R) rated movie! TWO 1/2 THUMBS UP! The show is confusing at first and plays with your mind....its about our memories, dreams, and the way our mind works...I won't go into any more detail so I don't ruin it for anyone who may watch it. It was so interesting to me because I have very vivid, detailed, interesting dreams where memories from the past and present play HUGE roles in influencing the mood and events that take place in my dreams. The movie is unique and put together very well! It makes you think about memories (good and bad), dreams, and the way our minds work. Its a great movie! I love loved loved it! When the movie got over, I couldn't help but tell Dave over and over how much I enjoyed it. Thanks to clean flicks there was no swearing, no vilence, and no sexual content. It is a great story and interesting food for thought! If you have seen it and know of any other movies like it or movies that remind you of it..let me know, cus I'd love to see them!http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eternal_Sunshine_of_the_Spotless_Mind


Thank you for all you do for us! We love you and hope you have a wonderful day!




Even Prisoners Must Eat...

I just got back from using the bathroom and thought of something really funny! I always laugh when I think about this....so I thought I'd share it! (Also...I'm really bored right now and have nothing better to do!) A while back I had a horrible bladder infection and I seriously wanted to die. Every time I would leave the bathroom I felt like I had to go right back in. It was driving me crazy and I was about ready to snap...I begged Dave to do something...fix it..make it better..do something! He then Jokingly said...what do you want me to do, make you a diaper? And I said..YES! After he realized I was serious and not too happy about my current situation, he put his engineering brain to work and got busy! 30 minutes later....he had created his first diaper. It was a form fitting diaper designed out of Saran wrap and paper towels. He even spent time testing its efficiency. It actually worked! I tried it on and once it became a reality that I would be peeing in it....I decided I could not go through with it. So after a lot of effort on Dave's part...I continued to sit glued to the toilet... too annoyed to even try to get up and move around. I had the door closed and was completely pouting about the condition I was in. As he sat on the other side of the door he asked if there was anything he could do...I grumpily told him NO, and told him I would just have to sit there on the toilet for hours. About fifteen minutes later I heard some noise and looked over towards the door....I saw a paper towel with Nacho Cheese Doritos slowly sliding through the crack of the bathroom door....it was then followed by a weird old man, slow,raspy English accent that said "eeeevvveen prisoners must eeeaattt!!" (say it in your mind with an English accent). It was probably one of the funniest things that has ever happened to me. I opened the door and found dave on his hands and knees ear pressed to the door waiting for "the prisoners" response. "Even prisoners must eat"......ha ha ha...I immediately felt better! I will never forget how incredibly funny it was as I watched a Dorito loaded paper towel slide under the crack of the door and heard my cute husband say the most random thing I've ever heard! It seriously could have been a Mad TV or Saturday Night Live skit! Lucky for me the medicine kicked in shortly after and I was released from the "prison". Daveo babeo...thanks for making our life so much fun! Thanks for always laughing, always smiling, for always being so happy, and for making my life so comfortable! You are my hero!


silly hubby

Little Honey...oh how i loveth thee sweet prince. Your smile bringeth sunshine and splendor to my soul...and here is one reason why...

I was cleaning up the bedroom the other day when I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned around and saw this.....
It really startled me at first....and then we both laughed really really long and hard! You are the best husband ever....you maketh me very happy!


Dave and I used to LOVE to watch Journey Man! I would get so excited when Mondays would come,it was really one of my favorite shows....and then it got canceled. So...I would like to dedicate this post to the jerk who canceled Journey Man.......(look what you made me do..)

I watched "The Hills" on Monday night. Its true. And I have to admit, that as ridiculous as it is...I kinda liked it...shh don't tell!I must be completely and utterly retarded to be admitting this, but I did enjoy it a bit. I also liked hating it and making fun of it....Kinda like reading a People Magazine or one of those silly Magazines that you can't help but be interested in all the while thinking about the ridiculous people who actually read them and are interested in them.....irony? Dave was so into trying to figure out something on the computer that he'd been messing with all night, that he was oblivious that the TV was even on and he sat through the entire episode without even knowing it! (he HATES this show) Here are just some of my thoughts after watching the show....
- How do every single one of those stupid girls look so cute all the time no matter what they are wearing, doing, saying, eating....etc? I can't decide if its the most annoying thing in the world or if I have liked the fact that it motivated me to actually get ready in the mornings??
- Why are all of their boyfriends so ugly..and retarded?! These are cute girls....whats the deal?
- Forgive and forget...???
- When are they going to have an episode where they all gain ten pounds and catch up with the rest of us fattys?
- Do they do their own hair? It always looks so cute and perfect....infact...i stole a hair due that I saw on the show and loved...see below

I tried to do my hair kinda like this today...and I think it looks pretty cute! I can't say that I am planning on watching it next week....but if I accidentally turn on the TV Monday night at 10:00pm only to realize that the Season Finale episode is on...I can't say that I won't tune in.....(that was a pre, just in case confession)

ps...that is the color I want my hair...I am struggling getting there. Anytime I try to go blonde..its turns redish...arrr...I am in a funky transition color and I hate it!


Here are a few pics I missed from our weekend with Jac!

On our way to the Cheesecake Factory

did I mention that I really don't like my hair color? Ya...I hate it. I am trying to go back to somewhat blonde..and this is just a rough stage...I'm riding it out though. Last time I made it this far I died it back dark cus I hated the middle. Ok the end.


Mike and Zona's Blog

Hey there! My mom and dad have made their blog private due to some random comments made from unknown people! For all of you who and would like access to their blog and updates about our family...leave a comment with your email address and i'll add you to the list of readers! Don't be shy, even if you just like to look every now and then send your email...I know I blog hop and read family blogs all the time...so don't be shy! I will erase your email right after I get it...I check this often so no worries!! :)


Sister Cousin and Me

Jac came to visit this weekend and we had such a blast! We went to the coast, went shopping, visited multnomah falls, fun shops, restaraunts, the spas and more!
It was so fun to show her where I live and the things I do everyday! Dave hung out with us the entire time and made it that much more fun! He is so goofy and fun and cracked us both up the entire time! Silly Dave! (the picture quality of these pics is not too good...we forgot the camera and had to use the IPHONE)

Jac learned to play guitar hero and also got to play with little turtle! It was so so fun! Thanks so much for taking time away from Jer Bear and coming to visit! You are the best sister ever and are so much fun to hang out with! We loved having you!! COME BACK SOON!!


Happy Birtday to my Sister Cousin

to my sister...
happy birthday sister! You are getting old fast...too bad I'm older cus that means i'm getting older even faster! I want you to know I think you are wonderful! You are such a great sister and friend and I just love you so much! Thanks for being such a great example to everyone (especially me) all the time and for just being you...cus you are the best!! Here are the top twenty memories and things i love about YOU....

20. Johnny Angel, you're my angle....MARLON HILLS! (inside joke)

19. Digging for gold in the back yard of the natzi house...only to find obsidian and insane booby traps

18. Anytime we say something accidentally in sync and then realize we said it in sync, and then start laughing, and realize that our laugh sounds the exact same, and are perfectly in sync, so then we sigh cus that is funny only to have our sighs be in sync which makes the situation that much funnier, and leads to burst of loud uncontrolled laughter that seem to be planned and perfectly in sync! too funny!

17. Making movies with you every day in the summer! Aladdin with Jenna Jardine, The Love show with the Pitcher kids.....The 10 o'clock news with ketchup for blood in the bathtub...and a few hand fulls of others!

16. Because of our age and place in the family, you and I have spent every year of our life....growing up together. Elementary together, Junior High, High School, College Years, DRAMA YEARS, stupid boyfriends we both had together, writing missionaries, going to school, leaving things behind and starting over, traveling around the world, every family dinner each night, vacation time with out boyfriends or husbands....honestly, if you think about it...we have spent the most time together out of all our siblings! How lucky am I! We really got to share the same experiences, the same funk stages, the same feelings...the same everything, all at the same time! Me you, same same....ok buddy!

15. Having sleep overs on the tramp in the rental house, and staying up all night talking

14. Getting in the one and only fight we have ever had in the garage....about Casey Shepard...and then making up 4 minutes later!

13. Walking in your room late at night while you were reading your scriptures or praying....so faithfully! And then talking about our nights!

12. How you would always do exactly what I told you to....even if it meant getting inside the freezer (because I told you that is the only way you could save my life, as I lay on the floor pretending to die....its a sick twisted game I know...im sorry!....the best part is you always did what i say in the game and still do...even now!! ha I LOVE YOU)

11. Making up rollerblading dance routines to boys to men on Sunday afternoons

10. When you used to tuck your sweatshirt into your wrangler Levis and slick back your hair in a pony tail with a scrunchy....you sexy thing you!

9. Laying out at by the pool with you

8 Watching life time movies on Saturdays after sleeping in until 1pm...only to take a nap after the movie was over

7. Bocking like a chicken our entire vacation in Kauai

6. The time you did exactly what I asked you to without asking questions....even if it meant breaking and entering!

5. Dressing up with Asian wigs, video taping and pre planning our secret spy mission at the airport which included but was not limited to...hiding in the luggage carasol, inventing master disguises and hiding places, which inevitably led to failure in our attempt to not be seen!

4. Living with you in Provo

3. When we say something that makes no sense but complete sense to us....and then laughing about it...oh how its fun to laugh with you

2. Hugging you in the sealing room on my wedding day and knowing you knew exactly what i was thinking and how i was feeling...

1. Standing in the pantry in the rental house holding a bag of hot tamales after I just got done saying "sometimes you do....and sometimes...ya don't" and continuing to laugh about it for years and years!

I started this post with the top 10 memories and things i love about you....but I had to change it to 20...cus there are just so many. These are only a few of the millions of memories and things that I love about you and the time we have been able to share throughout our entire life! Thanks for being my best friend and sister! I love you shelly belly!

Trail Ridge Estates

Check it out!!
Casey and Courtney (brother in law and sister) have developed an amazing development just outside of St. Geroge, Utah. They have been working their bums off developing and marketing working to reach any and everyone to share this amazing opportunity! Please check out the project and spread the word!! I would die to live there! If it were possible for us to move today I would do it in a heart beat...and hopefully in the near future we will! Anyhow, please read the info about the development and check out the amazing photos! And please share the info with everyone you know! If we all tell 1 person...and they all tell one person...and so on...thats a lot of people and we can all be neighboors one day!! YAY!!! (seriously though, how incredibly fun would that be!)
Trail Ridge Estates, is located in Touqerville, Utah off highway 17, is a custom home site community created around outdoor recreation in your backyard. The property is being developed at the trail head to the BLM recreation land where there are more than 1200 miles of trails leading to Utah’s most beautiful landmarks. I wanted to let as many people as I could know about this amazing project!Trail Ridge Estates is where the dream of unforgettable adventures and pristine living come together. Set in the majestic hills of Southern Utah, each home site is strategically located to allow for unparalleled views of the surrounding mountains and valleys.
Trail Ridge Estates provides unlimited adventure outside your front door. Whether your passion is fishing, hiking, biking, or riding your ATV, Trail Ridge Estates has your every desire. Set at the trail head to the BLM recreation land there are more than 1200 miles of trails leading to Utah’s most beautiful landmarks.ALSO...Check out the Trail Ridge Estates blog @ www.trailridgeestates.blogspot.com and website www.trailridgeestates.com