now i have two

If you know us....you know we LOVE LOVE LOVE movies, and watch them all the time! It's been kinda hard trying to rent movies the last couple months cus it seems like we have seen everything! We will walk up and down the isles and take what seems like hours sometimes to decide. Last Christmas I gave dave a clear play dvd player that edits movies and gets rid of all the unwanted sleeze, volguarity, and violence...It edits the shows to make them as squeeky clean as you'd like.....and WE HAVE LOVED IT! We let our subscription run out a while back and we just barley got around to renewing it...so we have been seeing alot of new movies lately! This weekend we rented a GREAT movie! Infact I added it to my list of favorites....I really only had one other movie on my favorite list (Finding Neverland) but thanks to clear play now I have two!

"Eternal Sunshine for the Spotless Mind"
This movie is so great! If you have not seen it yet...SEE IT...RENT IT...but please use your clean flicks player or something like it, I don't want to tempt anyone to rent an (R) rated movie! TWO 1/2 THUMBS UP! The show is confusing at first and plays with your mind....its about our memories, dreams, and the way our mind works...I won't go into any more detail so I don't ruin it for anyone who may watch it. It was so interesting to me because I have very vivid, detailed, interesting dreams where memories from the past and present play HUGE roles in influencing the mood and events that take place in my dreams. The movie is unique and put together very well! It makes you think about memories (good and bad), dreams, and the way our minds work. Its a great movie! I love loved loved it! When the movie got over, I couldn't help but tell Dave over and over how much I enjoyed it. Thanks to clean flicks there was no swearing, no vilence, and no sexual content. It is a great story and interesting food for thought! If you have seen it and know of any other movies like it or movies that remind you of it..let me know, cus I'd love to see them!http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eternal_Sunshine_of_the_Spotless_Mind


Margaret said...

Austin and I saw this a few years ago when it came out (edited) and loved it. A movie that I still find myself thinking about every once and a while.

Who knew Jim Carey could be in a movie and not be annoying?