Happy Birtday to my Sister Cousin

to my sister...
happy birthday sister! You are getting old fast...too bad I'm older cus that means i'm getting older even faster! I want you to know I think you are wonderful! You are such a great sister and friend and I just love you so much! Thanks for being such a great example to everyone (especially me) all the time and for just being you...cus you are the best!! Here are the top twenty memories and things i love about YOU....

20. Johnny Angel, you're my angle....MARLON HILLS! (inside joke)

19. Digging for gold in the back yard of the natzi house...only to find obsidian and insane booby traps

18. Anytime we say something accidentally in sync and then realize we said it in sync, and then start laughing, and realize that our laugh sounds the exact same, and are perfectly in sync, so then we sigh cus that is funny only to have our sighs be in sync which makes the situation that much funnier, and leads to burst of loud uncontrolled laughter that seem to be planned and perfectly in sync! too funny!

17. Making movies with you every day in the summer! Aladdin with Jenna Jardine, The Love show with the Pitcher kids.....The 10 o'clock news with ketchup for blood in the bathtub...and a few hand fulls of others!

16. Because of our age and place in the family, you and I have spent every year of our life....growing up together. Elementary together, Junior High, High School, College Years, DRAMA YEARS, stupid boyfriends we both had together, writing missionaries, going to school, leaving things behind and starting over, traveling around the world, every family dinner each night, vacation time with out boyfriends or husbands....honestly, if you think about it...we have spent the most time together out of all our siblings! How lucky am I! We really got to share the same experiences, the same funk stages, the same feelings...the same everything, all at the same time! Me you, same same....ok buddy!

15. Having sleep overs on the tramp in the rental house, and staying up all night talking

14. Getting in the one and only fight we have ever had in the garage....about Casey Shepard...and then making up 4 minutes later!

13. Walking in your room late at night while you were reading your scriptures or praying....so faithfully! And then talking about our nights!

12. How you would always do exactly what I told you to....even if it meant getting inside the freezer (because I told you that is the only way you could save my life, as I lay on the floor pretending to die....its a sick twisted game I know...im sorry!....the best part is you always did what i say in the game and still do...even now!! ha I LOVE YOU)

11. Making up rollerblading dance routines to boys to men on Sunday afternoons

10. When you used to tuck your sweatshirt into your wrangler Levis and slick back your hair in a pony tail with a scrunchy....you sexy thing you!

9. Laying out at by the pool with you

8 Watching life time movies on Saturdays after sleeping in until 1pm...only to take a nap after the movie was over

7. Bocking like a chicken our entire vacation in Kauai

6. The time you did exactly what I asked you to without asking questions....even if it meant breaking and entering!

5. Dressing up with Asian wigs, video taping and pre planning our secret spy mission at the airport which included but was not limited to...hiding in the luggage carasol, inventing master disguises and hiding places, which inevitably led to failure in our attempt to not be seen!

4. Living with you in Provo

3. When we say something that makes no sense but complete sense to us....and then laughing about it...oh how its fun to laugh with you

2. Hugging you in the sealing room on my wedding day and knowing you knew exactly what i was thinking and how i was feeling...

1. Standing in the pantry in the rental house holding a bag of hot tamales after I just got done saying "sometimes you do....and sometimes...ya don't" and continuing to laugh about it for years and years!

I started this post with the top 10 memories and things i love about you....but I had to change it to 20...cus there are just so many. These are only a few of the millions of memories and things that I love about you and the time we have been able to share throughout our entire life! Thanks for being my best friend and sister! I love you shelly belly!


Jacqueline and Jared Miller said...

Hey you!! You are the best sister ever!! I love your post!! I was laughing the whole time!!! It was so funny!! We have had freakin awesome times together!! I love you so much and I am so excited to come see you sooo soon!! Thanks Sister friend!!

Cade & Kelsey said...

That is hilarious. It's so much fun having a sis so close to your age, isn't it? Thanks for sharing all your fun memories.

Emily said...

You guys are so cute! I miss you so freakin much! You would be so proud..I now have my own family blog! www.bandearnold.blogspot.com
check it out...more pics of Drake

Mike & Zona said...

THis is soooooooooooo dang darling!!! My computer is finally fixed and I got to read everything a month late! I remember some of the things on the list, and they ARE hilarious! I love you 2 girls...you darling sister cousins!!