swine swine go away…come again another day

Happy Swineavessary! In 3 weeks Dave and I were supposed to be heading to Cancun Mexico to spend a week at a five star all inclusive resort for our second anniversary. Now that this stupid Swine Flu has come about we have to cancel our much needed vacation. We were hoping we might be ok to just go when we first heard the news because it seemed the outbreak seemed to come from Mexico City, but it looks like all the people in the US that have been infected were all vacationing in Mexcio…primarily Cancun! And after the government came out and said not to travel to Mexico unless necssassary, we figured we should listen to the warnings. We are so bummed. We are thinking about trying to go somehwere else, but with cancelation fees and last minute notice it might not be possible. We were so close to the final days that I felt myself getting tan just thinking about laying in the sun and relaxing. We have concluded that we might have to hold tight until this flu passes (hopefully it does and fast!) We have been looking forward to this vacation for over six months….so now with three weeks to go, we are pretty disappointed with the latest news. Stupid Swine Flu!! Oh well I guess its better to be safe than sorry. If anyone has any fun suggestions for our anniversary now that we have such a huge change of plans PLEASE let me know. I was thinking maybe a weekend in Park City or something like that??? Oink oink oink… (I know you don’t get the flu directly from pigs….i’m not a dummy…I’ve done my research) I just wanted to oink.

Design Automation Company

Dave and Casey started a Design Automation Company (DAC) to help improve the processes that designers and engineers use on a daily basis. It’s really too technical to explain to normal folk like you and I. Well Last week they headed to Seattle and spend 4 days at the COE conference, Catia Operators Exchange. They went to meet new people, network and get their name out there. They had a great time and were really successful! Dave LOVED hanging out with Casey. He came back and told me so many fun stories that made me crack up. Casey is a crack up! He doesn’t care what people think…he just does and says what he feels…and its really cute! Dave told me Casey MADE him get ice cream and sweets everyday!! That’s just like Casey….a cookie with every meal, and a few in-between. Dave just sent me this picture so I had to post it. They both look so cute and are both such wonderful guys. I am so lucky to have such a wonderful husband and I am so thankful to have such a wonderful brother in-law too!! Casey has been my brother in law for longer than I remember begin alive….ok not really but for more than ½ of my life. I always looked/look up to him and wanted to find a husband just like him….always happy, positive, excited, hard working…and much more! No wonder he and Dave get along so well and have so much fun together….. I copied my sister and married someone that reminded me of her husband! J thanks court! Ha ha…If you are interested in learning more about “DAC” Design Automation Consulting go to www.dacsite.com you can learn about what they do and if you feel like it you can even watch some of the videos of Dave’s macros in action while you are there! Good job guys for your hard work at COE…… I am so excited for you guys!!



1 Nephi 9:6

“But the Lord Knoweth all things from the beginning; wherefore, he prepareth a way to accomplish all his works among the children of men; for behold, he hath all power unto the fulfilling of all his words.”

I read this verse today. It is so awesome. I have been thinking about missionary work lately. I read an article in the April Ensign called “The Obligation of the Church” by John A. Widtsoe. He talked a lot about missionary work and our obligation to do this work. Just being members is not enough. He explains that it is not just a recommendation to teach others of the truth, but an obligation. It’s not enough for us to just keep the commandments, heavenly father is counting on all of us to spread his word throughout the world. The truth is for everyone. My question lately has been… how? How can I personally be a missionary? It’s been on my mind and in my prayers lately. The scripture above is an answer to my prayer. Heavenly father knows everything. And he will prepare a way to accomplish what he wants through us…if we are faithful, and if we have a desire to do so, and If we make ourselves available, he has power to fulfill all of his words. I’m realizing that it’s my obligation to pray for missionary opportunities, and it’s my obligation to be an example and earnestly seek opportunities to help others find the truth. On the one hand this is a overwhelming responsibility, but on the other….it is a huge blessing. We have the opportunity to share the truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to those who have not yet heard or received it. What a wonderful blessing. I am eternally grateful for the examples that a few member missionaries set for Dave. Through their examples, testimonies and the plan that the lord had prepared for him…..Dave was able to find the gospel. While investigating, he closely observed those around him, he faithfully read the book of Mormon and went to church, he asked questions, he prayed morning and night, and he asked heavenly father in faith “if these things were true”.

“Wherefore, he prepareth a way to accomplish all his works among the children of men; for behold, he hath all power unto the fulfilling of all his words.” Because of Dave’s faith, the dedication of member missionaries and the plan prepared for both Dave and I by our father in heaven, I am sealed to my husband for eternity. I would be ungrateful and selfish if I did not fulfill my calling as a member missionary. I can do better….. It is my obligation. There are millions of people, just like my sweet husband who have not yet heard or received the truth. Many are ready and waiting. Heavenly father has prepared the way…and through his children (us) his work will come forth. It is our obligation…I pray I can do my part.

Shopping Girls

I have been wanting to get a bunch of new clothes….and when I say a bunch I mean I hate all my clothes in my closet and want new ones. Obviously I can’t get all new clothes…BUT my sweet husband heard my cries and on my birthday he gave me money to go shopping! (so did my in-laws thank you!) I’ve been really exctied to spend it…BUT… I knew I couldn’t do it alone, as in I’d probably pick more clothes that I hated. I am really bad at my wordrobe (that’s why I hate my clothes)… Obviously I needed someones help. If you know my sister Erin, you know that she is pretty much the cutest, most stylish girl alive. No exageration. She ALWAYS looks cute and doesn’t own ugly clothes. She knows the latest styles and is a professional shopper and cute outfit wearer. J No matter what she is wearing she makes it look cute and when you’re with her…she makes you look ugly. HA HA….just kidding! But really, she is too cute. So me being fashionalby challeneged, asked her if she would come shopping with me and help me pick out some staple pieces of clothing. She was overjoyed at the though of it…(after last night and sore feet and back I’m not sure she felt the same way). After a month of waiting for a good time for both of us to go….we met up last night and hit it hard! We shopped for four straight hours…and we were so productive! She helped me pick out so many cute things…all so different…lots of colors, and items that I usually wouldn’t pick (cus im retarded). I even bought my first pair of leggins…and a few things to go with them…and they acutally looked cute! It was so much fun! By the time we looked at the time it was 9:00pm and we hadn’t eaten or taken a break….we shopped right through the night! When we finsihed our feet and backs were hurting a bit and were ready to rest…So we went to the Cheesecake Factory and had a yummy dinner! I love that place! I dropped Erin off and decided that since it was now 10:30pm and I still had to drive home, I’d stay the night and then only have a 10 minute commute in the morning! What a fun night! Shopping, dinner and a sleep over! I was exhausted when I got in bed and actually had a hard time unwiding from the evening. It was so much fun and I couldn’t be happier with my new clothes! Erin..thanks SO much for your help!! You are so awesome to spend your entire night shopping for me…I know it was rough not trying on and buying things for yourself…I seriously could not have done it without you! Not only did I get some cute cute oh so cute clothes…but I had a blast hanging with Erin the entire night! thank you so so much for your help!! I really appreciate it! Here’s to another night like that in 6 months…(or however long it takes to convince dave I need more clothes!) ha ha!!! Just kidding!! (kind of)



Yesterday I laid in the sun and accidently fell asleep for an hour. Ouch! I’m fried! I’m talking bright red/pink really bad…embarrassing style! The lines are horrible! I am so white that a touch for the sun cooked me! Dave and I are going to Mexico in a month and so I am going to go tanning a few times to try and work my way up so this doesn’t happen every day. So the reason I’m writing about this is….. I have a question and I’m hoping that someone has the answer. And if you do….. pretty please leave a comment.

Does anyone know of any good self tanners/Bronzers?

I am so sick of looking pale and gross, but at the same time I don’t want to get all my color from the sun. I’m sure everyone is feeling a bit pasty right..me especially. I have not seen the sun in a long time. Living in the Northwest for two years didn’t help my base color too much either. If I had all the time in the world I’d put on 70 sunscreen and lounge in the sun covering parts I don’t want to get wrinkly and slowly after a few months I’d get a nice base color without all the damage…but since that is not going to happen, I’d like to find a tanner or bronzer or lotion that looks good. Does anyone currently use one that they really like? If so what is it, where did you get it, and how much does it cost? The only thing I’ve ever tried was a Jergens lotion with a tanner in it. It worked ok…but was a bit too yellow and orange looking. I was reading in people magazine the other day and they were talking about self tanners and bronzers and how now a days you can stay tan all year long….they went on to say that in years past tanners and bronzers used to leave you yellow and orange but now there are tons of tanners that do a great job…..only problem is they forgot to mention what those might be. Does anyone you use a shimmer lotion? Does that help with color at all? If you have any suggestions or the answers to my questions please let me know!! Thanks!



Here are some pictures from Conference Weeekend


The Girls

More girls

Me and Davo

Dave and Kylee

Fall Out Boy

Last night Dave and I went out to SaltAir to see Fall Out Boy in concert. Fall Out Boy is Dave's fav. band. I got him the tickets for valentines so this concert was two months in waiting. Last night I learned that I don’t really like concerts. I didn’t really know it. But after last night….I’m pretty sure I won’t be spending money on them anymore. Don’t get me wrong…They did a great job, and I really liked listening to them in person…it was just not worth the money, back and feet pain, and paralyzing fear that came over me as I realized that one day my children are going to want to come to something just like this. AHHHHHHHHHHH. I remember in 7th grade Rachel Roberts mom was taking all the kids to the Bush concert. I wanted to go so bad. I was the only one that couldn’t go and it was all my mom’s fault. Bless my mother. I’m sure that the only concerts my children will ever be going to will be put on by the church. I must say that people watching was almost better than hearing fall out boy sing. There were so many WERID people.

This girl was one of my favorites to watch...check out her braid...

Adults who were retarded, teens who just want to be accepted and have no other way of expressing it than through making themselves look like FREAKS. It made me sad. It made me hurt for them. It made me wish they could just have lovely parents and friends to show them the way. I wished they had a purpose. I wish they knew about the plan of salvation and our savior and what life was all about. I wanted to scream it from the roof top…not really, but i did think it. I was disgusted by some people, annoyed by others…I also realized that I am going to be the strictest parent in the world. Sorry ahead of time future kiddos…you’re going to hate me. But one day when you grow up and figure yourself out…..you’re going to look back and be so thankful that I was such a rock hard witch! J Ok..just kidding, I’m not going to be a witch….but through my experiences good and bad I really have learned a lot. And I’m sure that a Fall Out Boy concert of anything of that nature is not somewhere or something that I want my children to take part in.
We got to the concert at 7:00 hoping that Fall Out Boy would come on in 30 minutes or so….but we didn’t get that lucky. We had to stand around and listen to opening bands for an hour and a half.

I couldn't stand for one more second and since there were no chairs I squated for a while...

My feet were killing me. My back was killing me….and Dave had no gum. That’s right. He didn’t bring any gum with him and he almost died (he can’t live without it)… so being the “cool” wife that I am…I started to ask around. At first Dave was a bit embarrassed that I was asking these random strangers for gum…but once he realized there was a possibility that he might get a piece, he egged me on. After about 45 minutes I finally found a piece!
Little Honey

Once Fall Out Boy had started we were about at our whits end. The smell, the people, and our aging bodies were ready to hit the road. I wondered if anyone elses feet or back hurt. Or was it due to the fact that we were 10-15 years older than everyone else that our bodies were uncomfortable? We stuck around for another hour and then left. It was nice to leave early because we missed all the traffic!

We made it home by 10:00 and were thankful to get off our feet and into bed. It was an interesting night. A lesson learned. And an obvious sign that I am getting old And you know what I say to that? If making logical choices, being realistic and having common sense is a sign of getting old…then I say bring it on. I am more comfortable in my skin now than I’ve ever been….so I guess is I’m “Old” compared to the people at that concert….i’m actually thankful for that birthday song “one year older and wiser too….(clap)…happy birthday to you!”

Easter Weekend

My parents were out of town and since we celebrated Easter last weekend it was just Dave and I the entire weekend. We went to Chili’s on Friday. We love that place. In Portland there was a Chili's right across the way from our town house and we went their often. About six months before we moved back to Utah they closed it down. It was really sad, I may have even blogged about it…I can’t remember. So when we moved back to Utah we were so excited to be able to go to Chili’s again. After dinner we got a frosty (vanilla) ( I choose it over chocolate every time). We came back home and watched the movie “Wanted” on clear play. I was not thrilled to watch it, but once it got going I really liked it. Can’t say the same for Dave. He was asleep ½ way into it. Saturday we slept in and lounged around. At 12 we went to the gym. When we got back we were both so tired and worn out from a hard week of working out that we crashed. We slept for 3 hours. Later that night we met up with Crystalyn and Rob at the Porcupine restaurant in sandy. It was really good! The plan was to go hot tubing at snow bird, but it didn’t quite work out that well. We got caught trying to sneak in and a really mean girl told us she was going to call the cops on us. Dave was concerned this was going to happen from the get go, but Crystalyn assured me that she does it all the time. It was so funny to see dave bolt out of the room as soon as he sensed any sort of trouble. He is so cute..always minding the rules! Since we didn’t get to hot tub we got ice cream instead and it made everything better. It was a great night…(minus the part where I almost threw up in Dave's car from being car sick…we pulled over in time…and luckily it was a false alarm).
Easter Sunday was really nice. We went to church and had some really great lessons. Christ’s resurrection was the complete and final step that will allow us to one day return and live with him again. I am so thankful for his sacrifice, his suffering , and his perfect example. I love my family so much and am thankful for the gift he gave us all that enables us to live together forever.
After church we took a tiny nap and then went on a walk. The sun shining and the warmth of the day made it feel like a special day. After our walk we thought about making a fancy dinner. But since it was just the two of us and neither of us like to cook…

Our Easter Feast

I am so thankful for the knowledge of the plan of salvation. I know why I’m here, I know where I’m going, and I know what I need to do to get there. What an enormous blessing and comfort this knowledge brings! What an amazing gift our Savior has given us all. The gift of eternal life.


Conference Weekend

As if I don’t say it enough and we don’t all think it… weekends are the best! This weekend was even better than normal because of conference. My mom got the family tickets and we went to the Afternoon session. It is only my second time going (first time was Dave and I’s first date) and I really loved being there. I was uplifted by the speakers and am determined to keep fighting the fight and try to do a better job of it! On Monday Dave and I had family night together and talked about what we learned from all the things we heard over the weekend. We each came away with some really great council. We made some goals to work on together and personally, and committed to each other to try and come closer to our heavenly father. We are so blessed to have a living prophet who loves us and gives us council and so much support. I wish conference was held more often than just every 6 months!!

On Saturday when the boys went to Priesthood session me, jac, erin, the kiddies, and zone went to TONYS! Yay! Dinner was lovely, however Erin might tell you different since Kylee would not stay in her high chair. We came back home with stuffed belly’s and played cards, ate cookies, and watched a movie. Trev and Erin stayed over cus they are the best! It’s tradition in the Keyes home to have a HUGE conference breakfast. French toast, waffles, pancakes, bacon, eggs, hash browns, fruit with cream cheese dip, chocolate milk, assorted juices, cinnamon rolls….ya. We ate it all. I remember as a kid laying in bed on conference morning and smelling pancakes and hash browns. No matter how bad I wanted to keep sleeping….the smell drew me out of bed and to the kitchen. (it’s not like conference starts that early 10am…but I remember thinking it was so early when I was younger). We don’t eat breakfast at the table but instead lay blankets in the tv room and eat while we watch. It’s wonderful. After we give our bellies time to settle everyone continues to munch throughout the day. Ever since I can remember we would all take naps in between conference sessions….those naps seem better than most. Since my mom and dad will be out of town over Easter we had an Easter egg hunt Sunday night for Kam. It was fun to see her find all the eggs...she was the only one searching since Kylee is too little to understand. Later that night we had a nice Easter program put on by mom and dad…and then we ate yummy roast for dinner. After everyone left Dave and I ended the night with a great movie. Slumdog Millionaire (edited on clearplay)

What a wonderful, wonderful weekend!

Unanswered Prayers

(Warning…I’m going to post cheesy song lyrics and say sappy things)

Friday night Dave, mom, dad and I went to a new restaurant called Pleasant Valley Grill. FLASH BACK: Anyone remember my old boyfriend Josh from high school? Well his mom owns this restaurant and he was there waiting tables. I haven’t seen him in 6 or 7 years. He came over to our table and said hello to us when we got there and before we left he talked us into ordering some coconut cream pie…we didn’t chat much other than a hello and how’s your food. Why do I bring this up then you ask? Let me take you back in time……In high school Josh and I were inseparable. We dated for 2 years…and I would have bet 1 million dollars that I was going to marry him … I was that sure! I was devastated when Josh left on his mission and thought without a doubt I’d wait for him, I remember thinking I would die if I couldn’t be with him. Ha ha! ….I wrote him faithfully…for a while, but things turned out a bit different than that (much too long to explain). Long story short…drama…drama…more drama…and it didn’t work out. I’ve come to conclude that my crazy 19 year old brain took a while longer to mature than most….that is the only logical explanation for some of the things in my past that I like to block out of my memory. I thought I knew what I wanted and how I wanted me life to turn out. But heavenly father knew better. He knew what was in store for me. When I look back on me 5-10 years ago…. It’s weird to think I was me. Of course I was me…but now I’m me in a different way….a better way. I am so incredibly grateful for Dave. I just can’t say it or think it enough. He truly is more than I could have ever dreamed of. He is my best friend. He makes me want to be a better person. Never in a million years would I have guessed my life would turn out how it has. And I am SO GREATFUL that it did. I am thankful to my heavenly father. I am thankful to my family. And I am thankful to a husband who by himself had the courage to seek out the truth. To study, pray, and gain a testimony of the true and everlasting gospel for himself. Without him having the courage and humbleness to do this and accept the gospel, we would have never met. I don’t think we would have met had one thing been different. I’m sorry to be so incredibly sappy, but it’s true. I actually accidently heard the words to that song before I even thought about putting it in this post…I swear! To add to all the sappiness I’ve created I’d like to wrap this post up with an oldie by Garth Brooks…”Unanswered Prayers”…. Ya know that one? Of course you do. Well…on Friday night as I thought about the past and everything that has transpired ….this song couldn’t ring more true! Here are the words…read them (I altered them just a bit)

Just the other night a hometown football game

My Husband and I ran into my old high school flame
And as I introduced them the past came back to me
And I couldn't help but think of the way things used to be

He was the one that I'd wanted for all times
And each night I'd spend prayin' that God would make him mine
And if he'd only grant me this wish I wished back then
I'd never ask for anything again

Sometimes I thank God for unanswered prayers
Remember when you're talkin' to the man upstairs
That just because he doesn't answer doesn't mean he don't care
Some of God's greatest gifts are unanswered prayers

He wasn't quite the angel that I remembered in my dreams (no offense)
And I could tell that time had changed me
In his eyes too it seemed

We tried to talk about the old days
There wasn't much we could recall
I guess the Lord knows what he's doin' after all

And as he walked away and I looked at my husband

And then and there I thanked the good Lord
For the gifts in my life

Sometimes I thank God for unanswered prayers
Remember when you're talkin' to the man upstairs
That just because he doesn't answer doesn't mean he don't care
Some of God's greatest gifts are unanswered prayers

The end…


Thursday night fun

My Mom and Dad are tending the kids this week and my mom forgot about a young women's meeting she had to attend in SLC...so this is what we've been doing tonight...

Kylee loves Dave so much..its really cute

They spent 30 minutes just cuddling

She's so stinking cute

Kam watching 101 Dalmatian's with her sleeping bag, popcorn, chocolate chips and chocolate milk...love her!

You can't see it in this picture...but Kylee has a snaggle tooth and she does the hugest cheese smiles ever...its so funny!

I’m rude..will you still help me?

I need some help! I am having difficulties with my workouts..well maybe not difficulties…but confusion. I’m not sure I’m doing enough or the right thing…and I’m getting frustrated by not knowing…I want to make sure what I’m doing is going to give me the results I’m looking for. I know that it takes time to see results….and I’m fine with that…..the problem is I‘ve never consistently lifted weights as a means of losing weight. I always focused on the cardio and hit that hard. I want to make weights be a consistent part of my workouts and help me progress to my goal…. but I’m not sure I have a good routine (if you wanna call it that). If I had extra money to hire a personal trainer I’d do it in a heartbeat and have them make me a weight lifting schedule and routine…but since I don’t…I’m reaching out to you in hopes that you may have a great weight lifting/cardio routine that is tailored specifically for losing weight and toning your junk…and not just the junk in your trunk J. I know beggars can’t be choosers but I’m not looking for little helpful hints that you “THINK” might help (not to be rude)…... I am looking for advice from someone that lifts weights regularly …has lost weight by doing so….or even better… a personal trainer. Rude alert. I’m setting the rude alert off on myself for being so demanding when I am asking for help!! Sorry…I’m not trying to be rude or demanding and I’m not saying I don’t want to hear your advice...…I just want factual facts and not helpful hints like those provided in People magazine.

Ok to the point…my main concerns are….Am I doing enough? Is 30 minutes a day enough? Am I doing the right exercises? Should I split my workouts into upper and lower body? What should I be doing? How much cardio? How much weight lifting?

If you can help…THANK YOU! I was hoping you might give me some examples of what you currently do or have done. I know not many people read this…so I’m not sure I will get much if any feedback but if you are reading this and you can help me…please leave a comment and tell me what you do…and please be specific.
P.S…. Just to avoid any retarded comments that might come from this post… I don’t think I’m fat. I don’t think you’re fat. I’m not asking you to tell me I’m not fat…I would just like some suggestions, and if you can give me any I would be so so so so so thankful!

Thanks love ya..

This is what I’m currently doing (only for the past 2 weeks)

· Weight Lifting 30 minutes
· Leg Press 3 sets 12
· Inner and Outer thigh Machine 2 sets 30
· Bicep Curls 3 sets 12
· Tricep Curls 3 sets 12
· Walking Lunges 20 down and 20 back
· Shoulder Raises 3 sets 12
· Calf Raises 2 sets 30
· Abs 3 sets of 20 (weighted)
I try to only rest 15-30 seconds in-between each rep so I am getting cardio too

25-35 minutes Stair Stepper