Easter Weekend

My parents were out of town and since we celebrated Easter last weekend it was just Dave and I the entire weekend. We went to Chili’s on Friday. We love that place. In Portland there was a Chili's right across the way from our town house and we went their often. About six months before we moved back to Utah they closed it down. It was really sad, I may have even blogged about it…I can’t remember. So when we moved back to Utah we were so excited to be able to go to Chili’s again. After dinner we got a frosty (vanilla) ( I choose it over chocolate every time). We came back home and watched the movie “Wanted” on clear play. I was not thrilled to watch it, but once it got going I really liked it. Can’t say the same for Dave. He was asleep ½ way into it. Saturday we slept in and lounged around. At 12 we went to the gym. When we got back we were both so tired and worn out from a hard week of working out that we crashed. We slept for 3 hours. Later that night we met up with Crystalyn and Rob at the Porcupine restaurant in sandy. It was really good! The plan was to go hot tubing at snow bird, but it didn’t quite work out that well. We got caught trying to sneak in and a really mean girl told us she was going to call the cops on us. Dave was concerned this was going to happen from the get go, but Crystalyn assured me that she does it all the time. It was so funny to see dave bolt out of the room as soon as he sensed any sort of trouble. He is so cute..always minding the rules! Since we didn’t get to hot tub we got ice cream instead and it made everything better. It was a great night…(minus the part where I almost threw up in Dave's car from being car sick…we pulled over in time…and luckily it was a false alarm).
Easter Sunday was really nice. We went to church and had some really great lessons. Christ’s resurrection was the complete and final step that will allow us to one day return and live with him again. I am so thankful for his sacrifice, his suffering , and his perfect example. I love my family so much and am thankful for the gift he gave us all that enables us to live together forever.
After church we took a tiny nap and then went on a walk. The sun shining and the warmth of the day made it feel like a special day. After our walk we thought about making a fancy dinner. But since it was just the two of us and neither of us like to cook…

Our Easter Feast

I am so thankful for the knowledge of the plan of salvation. I know why I’m here, I know where I’m going, and I know what I need to do to get there. What an enormous blessing and comfort this knowledge brings! What an amazing gift our Savior has given us all. The gift of eternal life.


Craig Family said...

Mmmmm...looks scrumpcious! Miss you and love you and wish we could play together every weekend!

Miller's said...

Random question... do you guys like your clearplay? We got one for Christmas but just barely got it set up so we haven't used it yet!

Mike & Zona said...

I love to listen to your sweet testimony Natalie, because I know it is deep and true. Thanks for sharing and being such a wonderful person! I love YOU. MOM