(excuse me for complaining)

It seems I have no time to blog these days. While we were in Portland 99% of my blogs were written and posted while I was at work….leaving me 8 hours a day to check blogs, write blogs, stock blogs, and basically… blog. Now I can only write/post/check and comment to blogs in the evening…which really stinks. I’m lucky if I even get to read all the many blogs that I used to religiously follow or stock…(what’s the difference really?). When the weekend comes, I have so many posts to catch up on, that sometimes it doesn’t happen.

Nothing new is really going on with us… just the same old stuff I guess. We are still searching for a house and up to this point we haven’t had any luck. We must be really picky because I think we have looked through 70+ homes. Sounds like an exaggeration, but I don’t think it is. Each time we go out looking we look at 4-7 homes at time…and we have been out looking well over ten times (ask my sister if you don’t believe me I think she’s ready to kill us )..(she’s our realtor). I keep wondering what it will feel like when we FINALLY find the ONE. Will I go inside and know for sure that this is THE ONE?... Or will it take some easing/talking into for it to make the final cut? Who knows right? Not me.

We have looked all over the place… North Ogden, Pleasant View, South Ogden, South Weber, Layton, East Layton, West Layton, Syracuse, Kaysville, West Kaysville, Farmington, Bountiful, West Bountiful. Tomorrow we are heading up to Mountain Green…I would LOVE to live up there. It’s so very beautiful…I’m crossing my fingers that we might find something. I often wonder if we are being too picky…and if what we want even exists at the price we are willing to pay. One thing I would like to SHOUT is this….People say this market is so great and talk about how now is such a great time to buy… I think the people saying that haven’t spent the last year looking for houses, either that or they just have a lot of money to buy a house outright. Of course if we had 700,000 in cash or even ½ that amount, we could buy a home that used to be priced at over a million…and get a steal of a deal….but I’m sorry people homes in the price range that we are looking in have not seen this “AMAZING DROP” that everyone is yapping about. Yes there are a million homes for sales, yes they are lower priced than before, yes there are many foreclosures….but have all you yappers been out house hunting to see the price, selection, and location of these homes? …..that’s what I thought!

Here are a few questions that make me lose sleep at night:

-How many people would like their kitchen/grate room to be big enough to fit a couch and a kitchen table?

-Doesn’t every want to be able to fit their bed and furniture in their master bedroom and still have room to breathe?

-Does anyone else not want to have to use the hall closet as an overflow for the lack of closet space in the master bedroom?

-Does it bother anyone else when the ceilings are so low you can touch them?

-Who paints their walls, red, orange, and a weird green? (this is for real!!)

-How does a home that is only a few years old look like it has had the wear and tear of a home built in 1983?

-Has anyone ever heard of a laundry/mud room..and where they serious when they stuck a washer and dryer in a room the size of a food pantry?

-Aren’t homes too close together if you leap out your window and make it safely into your neighbors?

What is wrong with these builders? I am about ready to quit my job and start designing homes that people will actually buy.

We are now entertaining the thought of building, but where is the question? Lots are few and far between……geeze, that is a whole other post in itself. Ok I’m off my soap box. (speaking of soap boxes…who made that saying up….soap boxes are way too small and not strong enough to stand on anyway…what a dummy) or am I the dummy? Tushay… O YIPPEE…I always wanted to use that word (tushay)…did I use it in the correct context? Hmm… who knows.

So today is a very slow day at work. Everyone is gone for the holidays…I have no work to do…..I’m talking, NONE. I have been sitting here for over three hours and have not done anything… well that’s not true I have done the following:

-Looked up information on Symphony homes

-Went to the bathroom (3 times)

-Sat on hold with customer service regarding a Christmas shipment

-Looked on Ebay

-Ate a nutrigrain bar and a string cheese w/ a diet coke

-Braided my hair

-Wrote a love note to my honey for the 8th day of Christmas

-Blew my nose

-listened to Carrie Underwood

So I guess when I think about it, I have done a lot in the last three hours. Good job me. Who needs work when you can keep yourself busy with stuff like that!

On a lighter note….I think Dave and I are going to exchange our Christmas gifts this weekend. Since we will be in Illinois over Christmas and can’t bring our gifts with us, we thought we’d do it early! Knowing that Dave never checks my blog, and since I have nothing else to write about… I’ll share a few things that I got for him that I’m excited about ….(you now know that he really never checks this if I’m willing to expose this information). So, as I have mentioned before, Dave is OBSSESSED with four wheelers. He sleeps, eats, drinks, and breathes them. Only problem is he doesn’t have one. He is waiting until we find a home so he can have somewhere to store it. So on behalf of his dream to one day own a four wheeler….I did theme gifts this year! A four-wheeler helmet, some gloves, and a few other things of that nature. Even though he does not yet own the item for which these gifts are for, I hope he will still love them just the same.

Ok since this post is way too long and I am obviously way too bored.. I will end with our Christmas plans. 23rd-31st Waltonville, IL. This is only my second time visiting Dave’s home town (population 400) but I’m super excited. I hope to do a lot of relaxing, hanging out with the family, watching and going to movies, eating Julie’s yummy pies…and things of that nature. It will be a wonderful break.

Ok, that’s all for now. If you have read this entire post….maybe you should come meet me for lunch cus I’m betting that you are bored too!

Merry Christmas


RaNDom PiCs

We LOVE Chilis!!

Hero's Season Finale....tomorrow! (Syler)

She FINALLY loves me more than Dave!!


A Whole New World

Last week little Turtle Tot went outside for the first time! Since she is so small and we are afraid of her getting lost of getting hit by a car, we decided that she would be an indoor kitty. So up until now she had never been outside. When we took her out and set her down for the first time, it was so funny! She did not know what to think about it. She immediately went back to the door that led inside and sat there acting like she had to get back in there.

I think the cold pavement and grass were a little confusing...but after a while she got the hang of it and started to explore.

All in all......I don't think she liked it much, but it made me feel better to let her get out, explore, and get some fresh air. I can not wait until we get our own house and she can wonder about whereever she pleases...but until then...I think she has adjusted to her tiny two bedroom apartment that we confine her to (due to family allergy problems). Is it so weird to anyone else that I really love her...like for reals? She's just a little person in a furry animal body, and she smells so good (no joke..she actually smells good)...and lets face it..she has the cutest kitty face around.

love ya turty

Gobble Gobble

Me, Dave, mom, and dad all headed down to Cedar City (duck creek) to the Craig’s cabin for Thanksgiving! We had a blast! We obviously went to Grandmas first and had a scrumptious. Immediately after pie we were on the road. The drive wasn’t too bad... about 4 ½ hours, and lucky for us we had pretty good weather! We had a blast hanging out with Court, Case and all the chitlens.

We went sledding, rode four-wheelers, (which only created an even stronger desire for Dave to get one RIGHT AWAY!)… We watched funny movies (Kung Fu Panda), made treats, created thanksgiving dinner (again! Yum) played cards, musical charades, took naps, played with makeup, layed around, talked. We had a grand old time! Thanks for letting us spend the holiday at your cabin Craig family! We had a blast and loved seeing you!
oops no pics, didn't bring my camera.... I'll count on you to post them (court)!


True Love

Diet coke gives me comfort and makes me happy. I’m sure that any of you DC drinkers can appreciate my feelings...! Here’s to 3 out of the 4 best times of my day! CHEERS!

1. Diet ok AM

2. Diet coke Lunch

3. Diet coke pm

4. Seeing Dave

Ps…saw twilight last night.. LOVED IT…LOVED IT…LOVED IT…could not believe how much I loved it…felt like a 12 year old girl J I thought I’d like it just ok…but let me say it again…LOVED IT

(I listened to the first book when it very first came out before all the excitement and I really liked it…I’m not a reader so I didn’t ever start the other ones, I just had my sisters tell me what happened…anyhow …I thought it was so great! I did not love who they picked for Edward while watching the previews…but after seeing the movie….wo baby…..I HOPE I GET BIT!



What The Heck In The World?!!

It’s hard to believe that not working for one month has become detrimental to my mental/emotional state. I thought I’d be able to jump back into the swing of things with ease…..WO baby was I WA rong! Remember when you started your first “real job”… the excitement, the anticipation,…and then out of no where you get hit by a Mac truck, and you have an “AH HA” moment where you realize that you will be working everyday forever and ever?? You begin contemplating suicide when you realize you don’t have a choice....work is what you do...and you are now a slave to the man?
Remember that?........ I do. I remember it like it was yesterday…or maybe even today..…Pit in my stomach, compulsive thoughts about sleep…loss of freedom. Looks like I have to be responsible again.
BOOOOOOOOOO YAAAAAHHH (someone just yelled that in my ear) and it hurt.

Dear Responsibility:
I hate you. You stink. Please leave me alone.
P.S..…I hate your guts


Ideas Please

Don't get me wrong...I love being back in Utah I really do, so this post is in no means me complaining....but I think living away for 2 1/2 years and the fact that I accidental blocked out my life and memories before Dave has caused me not to remember all the fun things that there are to do here in Utah. I know there are plenty of fun things, ya know...things that Utahans do for fun, things that are special to the area...ya know all the fun stuff. I was thinking about it today and all I could come up with was Crystal Hot springs! ha ha funny right? But I always loved that place! So my plea to you is that you will leave a suggestion or two of some of your favorite things to do in this lovely place we call home! In return I'll give you the low down on fun things to do in Portland...what a great swap right!!! I thought so...PRETTY PLEASE give me some ideas...EVERYONE, if you're reading this give me at least one idea!!! Simple, extravagant, relaxing....whatever just help me remember! Tell me what you love to do! thanks!!


count em up

When upon life's billows
You are tempest tossed
When you are discouraged
Thinking all is lost

Are you ever burdened
With a load of care
Does the cross seem heavy
You are called to bear

When you look at others
With their lands and gold
Think that Christ has promised
You His wealth untold

Whether great or small
Do not be discouraged
God is over all

Count your blessings
Name them one by one
Count your blessings
See what God has done
Count your blessings
Name them one by one
Count your many blessings
See what God has done

Life is rough. No matter how big or how small the trials in life may seem...I believe that if you focus on the positive and count your many blessings the load will seem lighter and the day brighter! My dad told me that when he is down or discouraged he repeats the words to this song aloud, and then counts his blessings, naming them one by one. I liked the idea and I thought I'd share it....it's not rocket science or anything new...just a sure fire way to brighten your day!

Kath and Kim

Does anyone else love this show? It cracks me up! I love the outfits, the story line, the cast....love it all! Seriously funny! If you haven't seen it yet, you really should! Check out the trailer below...if that doesn't strike your fancy...check out the entire first episode...and after that if you still don't like it then we probably shouldn't be friends..:) Let me know what ya think!


Like a kid in a candy store



ps...i tag erin too! :)


The Quirky Tag

Ok...I have 10 minutes before I'm off to look at some houses...can I complete this tag in 10 minutes....let's see...

(3 hours later)

1. I can only sleep on my right side....with a body pillow...and a puffy pillow for my sweet little head. (this is not by choice (back pain)...but I would consider it quirky)

2. I tuck the top of my mouse suit into the bottom of my mouse suit (mouse suit = g's...Dave's nickname)....that's right, I'm a tucker.

3. I can not start eating dinner until the mess I created while cooking is COMPLETELY clean. All I want to do after I eat is put my dinner plate in the dishwasher and walk away.

4. I like to pop zits. In fact.. I LOVE IT. I even sometimes have dreams about pooping a really good zit. Dave lets me pop his back sometimes...its his way of showing me he loves me.

5. I am always pulling my shirt down.... :) No..silly people not like that. I'm talking about the bottom part of my shirts. I'm always tugging and pulling to make it longer...even if its a long shirt. It's something I do out of habit I guess...maybe I think it makes me look skinner if my shirt is longer...??

6. This quirk has changed in the past two weeks since living in Utah...but when I was in Portland, not a day that went by where I didn't talk to someone in my family. I just love them..

the end.

tag emma, jen, court, jac,...and anyone else.


Halloween ExtravaGANSA

geeze louise! What a fun weekend! The whole fam was in town and we partied hard core! We went to the corn maze, tried to carv pumkins, had a surprise birthday party for my dad...had a crazy fun (jam packed) Halloween party...went to the temple, watched scary movies...chatted the nights away..and laughed our little somewhat big bums off! (the big referring to me not you sisters) It was so much fun! We also went to Tonys TWICE!! YUMM!! Since I am somehow stil really really busy...I'll leave it at that and throw in some pictures for your viewing pleasure!! Thanks mom and dad for a fun willed five days!!


We made it..and we're busy

We arrived into Utah almost two weekends ago..and I haven't had a spare minute to blog...I can't even believe it. I am beginning to understand how it is so hard to blog when you are not sitting in front of a computer for 8 hours a day...its very difficult to find time...its seems like everything else takes precedent....(weird).
Anyhow...we are here, we are loving it...and we are BUSY! House hunting is not for the lazy folk...its takes serious looking and hard work! But we are making progress! Turtle is a bit stressed and confused...Dave Love's his job...we love Utah...life is good!

Proof that we are really here..(Rumbi Grill)mmmm mmmm good!

PS..any friends or family that I haven't called or seen yet..don't hate me.. I want to call you and play with you really soon! I really have been crazy busy.. working, looking for a job, moving, looking for a house showering...ya know all that stuff..it's our Halloween family weekend(wed-sunday non stop party)..so next week..IM FREE! (unless I have to start work..)


So long, Farewell

We can not WAIT to move to Utah. We have been working our tails off in preparation for the move and have just 1 day left! Although we couldn't be more thrilled about our move, reality is setting in and it is becoming clear that we're going to miss this place dearly! Portland is where our life together began and where all our memories up to this point reside. We've been blessed to make dear friends that have been like family to us...we have become accustomed to the mild beautiful weather...we've seen the breath taking sites....and just recently we've begun to feel that Portland was "our home"...(minus our real family). I want to dedicate this post to Portland a place we've come to love...I'm sure it will naturally shift places with Utah and become our "new" home away from home.

10 things i'll miss
(in no particular order)

1. the beautiful weather

2. visits to the coast

3. the hundreds of hikes, trails, and bike paths (just outside our front door)

4. magical strawberries and berry picking

5. Nike clothes being sold everywhere for CHEAP
(Shopko,Fredy's,& Ross 2 name a few)

6. low altitude runs

7. McMenamins dinner and a movie

8. friends who make you feel at home

9. wearing hoodies in the summer

10. NO TAX ON ANY PURCHASE i.e.(Diet Coke =$1.25 you pay $1.25)

I tried to create a slide show and it erased on me, so I am posting a bunch of pics our time here in Portland. (most are repeats from previous posts)

bye bye Portland. Thanks for letting us stay! We'll miss you. Be back soon!