True Love

Diet coke gives me comfort and makes me happy. I’m sure that any of you DC drinkers can appreciate my feelings...! Here’s to 3 out of the 4 best times of my day! CHEERS!

1. Diet ok AM

2. Diet coke Lunch

3. Diet coke pm

4. Seeing Dave

Ps…saw twilight last night.. LOVED IT…LOVED IT…LOVED IT…could not believe how much I loved it…felt like a 12 year old girl J I thought I’d like it just ok…but let me say it again…LOVED IT

(I listened to the first book when it very first came out before all the excitement and I really liked it…I’m not a reader so I didn’t ever start the other ones, I just had my sisters tell me what happened…anyhow …I thought it was so great! I did not love who they picked for Edward while watching the previews…but after seeing the movie….wo baby…..I HOPE I GET BIT!


Amanda said...

Oh my heck! That is so me! Diet coke, twilight, edward! Everything! I too saw it and totally fell in love with Rob Pattinson. He was fantastic! ( I did not like him at ALL before the movie) But you absolutely MUST read the rest of the books!

Erin said...

I loved the movie, not because it is a Blockbuster (cause it is not) but because I loved the book and I am such a fan and I cannot wait for the other movies to come...even while I watched this movie I couldn't stop my mind imagining the other scenes that are about to come! My giddiness was unreal and a little embarrassing and the movie is even better the second time! Don't get me wrong, a lot was missing, the acting and script could be better, and it could have a bigger budget etc. But the actors are spot on! I know even seeing this a third time will be worth it! Bite me.

Erin said...

PS I have to add my disappointment in the scene where he shines in the sun! They could have done this soooooo much better, but I will forgive eventually.

Sarah said...

Hi Madeline,
Hope you had a great Thanksgiving! If you liked Twilight you need to go see Australia!! Hannah loved it!


Miller's said...

I have to jump on the diet coke band wagon! I love diet coke and it does make me happy, and I know that its pretty pathetic but I can't live without it. Also I wish I would've liked twighlight as much as you, I just thought it was ok :(