Summer is almost over!!

I think it’s been forever since I posted anything. Here is a recap of what has been going on….

-Bear Lake with the family…(very fun!) Swimming, playing cards, hanging around, laughing…eating…fun times!

-Work (same old same old)

-Dave’s 28th birthday!

-Lots of four-wheeler shopping (still no four-wheeler)

-I’m finishing my last class to get my degree. It’s a math class. And I hate it. But I’m holding up pretty well. Only two more weeks.

-Many visits to tony’s

-Swimming at the pool non-stop with the fam


-Bike rides

-24th of July parade and lunch

-Sick Kitty and outrageously expensive medicine

-bachelorette finale party…..(so much fun!)

-new nephew! Dave’s brother his wife had their first baby! Baby Joel! He is so cute and I hate that I have to wait so long to see him!

-Last but certainly not least…..we are building a home!

We cannot wait! They should start within the next four weeks and then it should be about 4-6 months after that! We are thrilled! After 9 months of looking we are confident in our choice and are so happy with the home, the area and the fact that we will be in our own house! It has been almost 10 months that we have lived with my parents and we are past due on moving out! Lucky for us we can save some more and when the time comes we will pack up and move! The subdivision is in Layton. It is just a few minutes from the freeway and 5 minutes from the mall, Wal-Mart, sams…and many other things! We love the lot, love the house and are ready to be in it!

That’s all for now. Oh ya one more thing!! I am starting a new blog! I will still have this blog, but the new blog will be much different than this one. I will post the new site when I have finished with my math class. The new blog will be a lot different than this blog. It is meant to be an interactive blog, not just updates (like I seem to only do on here) The blog is about changing…and my quest to create and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, make changes…and work to improve myself mentally and physically. I want to share what I’m learning and I’d love to learn from anyone who is interested in chatting about different topics related to Fitness, nutrition, positive mental thinking and the struggles that come up when we try to change ourselves for the better. (I’ll explain more later!) I started the blog about a month ago and have written a few posts already, but I haven’t gotten around to fine tuning them or telling anyone about it yet. My math class has consumed my free time so as soon as its over I’ll post the link to the new blog. I’ll explain more about the blog and the purpose when I get around to posting the link! K bye bye!

Add on… I wrote this post yesterday but didn’t get around to posting it. Yesterday Dave and I hiked waterfall canyon. It was so much fun! Here are some pictures!


Happy b-day

It was dave's birthday on tuesday #28! He is the oldest 28 year old i know...in fact If I don't stop and think about it, I kinda forget that he is so young. He seems like he could be 32 or 35 or 40 or something like that...ha, I guess he must have an old soul ....and i say that is a good way. Ok back to the birthday day....

After work we went and looked at four-wheelers for a while (of course) and then headed to tonys to eat our most favorite dinner....when we pulled into the parking lot with not a car insight we knew something was wrong. DANGIT! we forgot that they were closed for their annual cleaning. We were really sad. Dave opted for cheese sticks from pizza hut and i got a bean burrito from Taco Maker..YUM.

I made dave an ice-cream oreo cake and we each had a piece while he opened his presents! I tricked him so good this year. He always guesses what I am getting him but this year he was clueless! I even faked him out and made it seem like I got him a bike and then on the actual day I got his old bike and put a blanket around it with a huge ribbon and when he saw it he was way excited and thought it was a bike....once the blanket was removed he realized it was not new but his old one...totally tricked him. He was relieved too, because he didn't really want a bike...and least not one I picked out! :) He loved his presents and we had fun playing with them. It was a wonderful day. I am so thankful for dave and his life. He is a wonderful man. Happy birthday little one. I Love you

I'm ending with some cute pictures of the BDB. (Birthday Boy)....made it up

Happy birthday (ps...i keep falling asleep while i'm writing this. I sat up to help me stay awake but it didnt seem to help cus my head is bobbing on in all directions,, Its awesome.