The Sun Killed me

When Dave went to the gym this morning, I didn’t join him. Shame on me. I had a horrible dream last night and I think it left me feeling kinda weird and I just didn’t want to go (excuse). But for real…My dream was creepy… I was killed by the sun. I was driving with some friends on Glassman way and as we looked out the window we saw the moon and it was HUGE it looked like It was red and yellow and on fire…it seemed to be falling from the sky. It was such an amazing site that I called Dave because I didn’t want him to miss it…..he told me it wasn’t the moon but that it was the sun. As he began to explain to me what was happening using a bunch of technical jargon…. all the sudden this huge ball of fire was right in front of me rolling down the road…I knew I was going to die. I didn’t have enough time to explain to Dave what was about to happen, all I could do was tell him I loved him over and over and then the huge ball rolled right over the top of us… and I was dead.

Bla. I didn’t like it. I’ve never died before in my dream. It was pretty real….and weird. I think I ended up coming back to life later on in the dream, but I’m not clear on that. Geeze brain take it easy…don’t kill yourself. I guess this dream was a little better than the night before where I dreamt that my sister made out with my husband. WTH? My dreams are so cooky sometimes! Where do dreams come from anyhow? It can’t be from something I was thinking about because trust me, I was not thinking about a giant ball called the sun rolling down the street…. and I definitely was not thinking about my sister kissing Dave. Today after I got to work and was in the mood for conversation I called Dave and told him about my dream and how I died. I’m not going to die like that right? I asked him… (Hoping he would comfort me)………NO! he said… definitely not by the sun rolling down the street…..that’s just impossible…. maybe an asteroid though. What? Hello that is not what I wanted to hear…Thanks for the comforting though! Too funny. I’m ok though.

I don’t know about anyone else but if I have a weird dream It takes me a bit to get over it. Sometimes I still feel a little sad, mad, upset, or weird. Even though I know it wasn’t real. Does that happen to anyone else? I remember when I was in elementary school having a dream where my mom was in prison and was smoking and I was so upset with her… how could she do this to our family? I distinctly remember being so angry with her the next day! How about the dream where you are pregnant but you know you didn’t do anything that would make you pregnant…Heck sure you’d never even kissed a guy, so how could you be pregnant? Wasn’t that the worst? Dreams are weird. Most of my dreams are annoying. Why don’t I have those sweet dreams that Dave always wishes me at night? The ones filled will everything you ever wanted? Hmmmm?? Maybe since my life is filled with so many sweet dreams…. my dreams can’t be filled with them too?

The end.

PS…if you see the sun or the moon and it looks abnormally large and is red and yellow and looks like it is falling from the sky…..RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!

The weekend

-ate union grill

-watched some 30 rock

-fell asleep on the couch until 4am and then we moved to the bed with sore backs

-attended a baptism

-got an oil change

-ate lunch at gateway

-prepared a lesson

-putt another offer on a house (CROSS YOUR FINGERS AND TOES THIS TIME)

-eat at tony’s

-watched more 30 rock w/martenilli white grape juice

-went to church

-took a nap

-had a birthday party

-successfully fought the Sunday night blues

-had a sleepover with honey


For Back Up

My super hot, skinny, and young faith hill look alike sister wrote a wonderful entry in her journal/blog today that made me want to be better about blogging. Lately I haven’t been doing much of anything that feels blog worthy…so I just haven’t been blogging. After reading her entry…I feel refreshed, motivated and excited to blog. I’ve decided that my posts might not be exciting to read…but oh well! I want to be able to look back and remember today…this week….and this month, and I know the only way to do it is through keeping a record. When I stop and think about it stuff happens every day…I just don’t seem to want to blog about it..but if I don’t…what record will I have of it happening? My memory certainly won’t be enough. I swear I don’t have a long term memory. I need a back up memory! That’s why I’m feeling it important for me to blog….its really the only record I will have of our life…and I want to be better about documenting it! Thanks for inspiring me court!

So I am substitute teaching the Relief Society lesson on Sunday. Since I don’t have much to do today at work, I plan on spending a majority of the day preparing. Who says you can’t get paid to do church work? Ha ha JK! But really I get paid jack squat here at work…and it feels like I’m giving unpaid service 9 hours a day 5 days a week… oh the joy! J So my lesson is on the sacrament. I hate to admit that I haven’t done any studying yet, but I’m just kind of like that. I enjoy teaching lessons and feel comfortable doing so…but I usually do better when I spend a lot of time studying close to the day that I will be speaking. Spanning things out over an entire week or two is not my thing. (or is that my excuse?) NA…I just feel I prepare better this way. Maybe after I prepare the lesson and have pondered and learned some things I’ll write an entry about that, but for now I’d like to capture a few things that have been going on with Dave and I.

We have consistently for 10 days woken up at 4:45 and gone to the gym. I am so proud of us. Ever since moving to Utah we have had a really hard time getting up any earlier than 6:00am…and even then we were struggling. In Portland we had things down to a science…we would be up at 4:00am or 5:30am every day. We were going the gym regularly working our bums off and we were both in great shape! Well that is not the case anymore. I am in major need of losing some LBS and Dave feels like a girl with no muscle. He feels weak when he isn’t lifting. I’m not saying I’m fat..I’m just saying I would like to be more trim and feel better about myself and by working out and eating healthy it will happen! So 10 days is only 11 days away from 21 days and 21 days makes it a habit right? I don’t know if that is true or not but I’m going with it. I have to admit that the first couple of days felt like H E double tooth picks…but now we are getting the groove and starting to feel good afterwards… plus its awesome to get to work at 6:30am and have already worked out for the day. So that’s that.

House searching… not so much. For the past two or three months we have been laying low and not really doing much searching. We haven’t felt like it was the right time to buy as the market continued to decline right before our eyes. I honestly don’t know what will happen or when we will buy…we are kind of playing it by ear. We are READY to move…but who knows when and where. We have however made an offer on an AMAZING short sale home in Kaysville http://www.utahrealestate.com/864764 . We are in love with this house and as you can see it is a STEAL of a deal…so we are hoping that may pan out. Short sales are pretty sticky so we are praying for the right thing to happen and crossing our fingers for some extra luck.
Last weekend I went on two hikes and it was really great! The weather was amazing and the mountains were beautiful.

On Friday afternoon I went with Carlie and Jordan and we hiked to the Uintah “U”. The view was so pretty! I had a great time chatting with Car and Jordan and their crazy dogs! Saturday afternoon we went with Jac, Jared and the rest of Davis county on hike in Layton. It was hard. I guess even though I’m trying I’m still not in that good of shape. When we got pretty far up and there was a lot of snow…it made it pretty hard to continue up. The way down in the snow was even worse! I ended up sliding down on my bum for a portion of the way. It was like sledding without a sled. My bum stayed cold for quite some time. After the hike Dave and I got in our swim suits and tried to lay out in the back yard just in time for the clouds to come out….we were too cold so we opted to spent the rest of the afternoon in the hot tub. It was really fun. We played the “would you rather game” and talked for hours! I love that boy.

Dave..I must say something about how much I love this guy and how blessed I am to have him as my husband. It’s the truth. He makes me so happy. He is a sweet heart and truly tries so hard to do anything he can to make me happy and better our life. Of course he isn’t perfect nor is our relationship…but if it was ever to get there it will be thanks to him. I am so blessed to have a best friend who is always cheerful, happy, goofy and positive. He is never in a bad mood or negative…never…it makes life so much brighter!

If you don’t watch TV or have no interest in it…I suggest pushing the “X” button on your browser.

TV. It would be a shame if I didn’t do an update on the shows we watch. I think Dave and I are addicted to TV and proud to say so. Of course we have many things other than TV that we love to do, but if you asked us both to describe a relaxing evening...we would both say it would be cuddling and watching our favorite shows (and eating treats). So here is the low down. We just finished watching an INCREDIBLE show called “Jericho”. If you haven’t seen it…rent it! Season 1 and 2 are available on DVD. It’s so good. Not only was it entertaining but it gave me an urgent need to buy a gun (check) complete my food storage(in process) and be make sure I’m prepared for anything that can and will come. (In progress)
I think I’ll make my list of shows in order of the night they air…NOT in order of favorites.

Monday Night:
It has been a little weak this season, but we still love it. “Save the cheer leader save the world!”
“24” Jack (run for president Bauer) has made a major comeback and the show has been really great to watch!
“The City” I love this show. I really do. It’s not the Hills, but I hate Olivia just as much as I hate Spencer. I was bummed at the last episode of the season…I don’t think Whitney made the right choice…that’s just me though.
“THE BATCHELOR”…need I say more? I loved it and am so bummed its over! I loved Jason, and unlike anyone else…I always liked Molly. I think he did the right thing (although maybe he didn’t go about it the right way)…But seriously….you have to follow your heart. Right? People who say he is a jerk for following his heart have never followed theirs!
“True Beauty”….tell me you didn’t love that show. It was so freaking funny and so incredibly annoying to watch. I didn’t know someone could bother me so bad (Chelsea) After watching the show I’ve mastered an impression of Chelsea’s annoying voice and body language…I whip it out sometimes just to drive Dave crazy!

Tuesday Night:
I knew it was going to be an amazing show when I found out the producers of lost had something to do with it. If you haven’t seen this show…start watching. It has been on break for the last month but will start up again the 7th of April. This show is so great! I don’t feel like going into detail about it..so just trust me.
“BIGGEST LOSER” I’m disappointed that I haven’t stayed up to date watching the show…honestly there are just too many shows to watch and this one has taken a back burner. I still watch the clips on NBC updating me on what is happening and I am super amazed and proud of all the people on the show. If they can do it..one day I will too! (I keep telling myself that)

Wednesday Night:
Wednesday is Dave’s “Game Night” he plays video games with his friends all night and loves it! I usually go on a walk with dad, take a bath, get on face book and look around or just spend time relaxing.
At 8:00 everything stops and our FULL ATTENTION turns to…..
“LOST” I cannot tell you how much we LOVE this show. It is so great. Every time we watch it we love it more and more. It will be a sad day when it’s over! The episodes are never long enough and are always so entertaining. Lost is #1 on my list of favorites!
(DO NOT TRY TO WATCH THIS SHOW UNLESS YOU CAN COMMITT TO STARTING FROM THE VERY FIRST EPISODE AND WATCH AT LEAST TWO SEASONS…if you don’t like it after that go see your doctor cus you are mentally insane!)

Thursday Night:

“Kath and Kim” ha…this show is perfect. I love everything about it. EVERYTHING! It’s just so stinking great!
“The Office” love it, we all watch this, so no need to explain.
“30 Rock” is on directly after the office and we had watched it a few times in that past but didn’t really get into it. Well last week we started watching it from the pilot episode and OH MY we are HOOKED. It is one of the funniest shows I have ever watched. I laugh out loud more in that show than I have ever laughed at any show or movie. It took me a few episodes to get into it…but oh man, it is so funny. It has become one of my favorite shows! Tina Fay is a genius. The show is a crack up. Watch it..trust me you will LOVE IT and be so happy that you did!!

Ok there you have it…now you believe me when I say that we are truly addicted to TV….sue me. Ok maybe we aren’t addicted, but we do love it! Lots of time we don’t get around to watching the show on the week days, so we wait until the weekend and instead of renting a movie we catch up on our shows! Ok I’m done talking about that…I didn’t think I had so much to say about it..i guess I’m passionate about it… who knew? ok JK I knew!

Ok. So this post is way too long..sorry. This confirms that I must post more often so that when I do post its not incredibly long and painful. Happy Friday!


B-Day and St. Pattys

Last weekend was a blast! We celebrated my birthday and St. Patricks day with the entire family. It was so much fun! I didn't have to work on Friday so that as even better! After I woke up and had some breakfast we all lounged around in our PJ's hanging out and talking. Friday night everyone came over for the St. Patty's day dinner/party. We ate green food, played green games, and watched Darbio Gill and the Little People. I didn't get to partcipate in the annual coin toss, because my head got smashed inbetween Dave and Trev at the very first of the toss and MAN IT HURT..i was down for the count and didn't get a single coin! :( Other than the huge headache I ended up with, the night was a BLAST!

I think this is what we would look like if we were drunk. Thank goodness that will never happen

Court and Kylee

Me and Grace

Anytime the goggels went on dave's face did this...what a dork(a cute dork though right?)

On Saturday (b-day day) we woke up and went to breakfast at the yummiest place. Pleasant Valley Grill. If you have not been there..GO its so delicious! I had Pancakes(my favorite)!! We had a wonderful brunch and then went back to the house and hung out. I got a little tired so I took a nap and then Dave and I went and played basket ball at the park. Later that night we headed to my all time favorite restaurant... TONYS!!

I will never get enough of this stuff

The Waiting Room

After a delicious dinner we headed back home and I got to open my b-day presents...everyone was so thoughtful and sweet and I got some great things! After that we played American Idol Karaoke on the play station...so fun!

On Sunday we all woke up and went to church and then came back and took our regular Sunday naps. Sweet Adeal (our third grandmother) brought over HUGE new york stakes for everyone..so we grilled those baby's up and had a YUMMY steak dinner followed by a bunch of fun games!

What a wonderful weekend! Thanks so much mom and dad for making everything so wonderful! It was so fun to have everyone home and spend so much time together! Love you all!



Yesterday was my one year anniversary for my blog! I can't believe it's been a year, and then on the other hand I can't believe it has only been a year. At one point in my blogging life all i seemed to think about was blogging...(mostly because i had nothing else to do at work) but also because it was really fun for me. I would even say it was kinda becoming a hobby. Things have changed a bit as life has changed...but i still love blogs...i love reading them, i love writing on mine, i love talking about them. I look forward to twenty years from now when i can look back on all these posts and remember what i was feeling, thinking, and what I was doing!

Today...we celebrated my birthday even though its a week away(too long to explain why)...

the celebration went like this...

home made rainbow cake with the ball frosting (the BEST)

a house full of balloons

a room full of hidden presents that i had to search for in order to open

My favorite licorice...much needed nail oil and lint roller...a birthday card, and dr. pepper lip smaker!

A cute pink bag for my lap top

AND....an INCREDIBLE b-day gift....a home made "gift certificate" for a shopping spree!!

last but not least...a lovely dinner at Tony's...

can you say holy mother of america happy birthday to me??

I never knew Dave could be so romantic, so thoughtful, and so darn good at giving me exactly what i want! ha ha...but seriously!! and not because of the gifts...but because of the thought he has been putting in to the things he does....its really so sweet. I tell him all the time that i really didn't know he was this wonderful when i married him..I'm sorry to be so cheesy....but he honestly gets better every day! Thanks babe for making my birthday so special...it means a lot! 143!!

ta ta for now. we are going to start watching the series "Jericho" on netflix..i heard its good!

HERE is my first blog post in case you're interested to read it!


Dave, Nat and little turt good:

Dave, Nat and little turt good: <center> Link </center>


Oops I forgot to post the link…click here to see

Bachelor Smatchelor


I’m assuming everyone in the world watched the Bachelor last night. I was freaking out the entire time. I was sure he was going to pick Melissa (even though I always liked Molly… and ps.. am I the only one that liked her? Seems like no one liked her) anyhow… I was sad for Molly but so excited for Jason and Melissa, they seemed so happy. And then as soon as Jason walked on to the stage on the after the final rose show…I knew that something bad happened. Everything after that was, weird, awkward, and hard to believe. Dave was giving me his thoughts the entire night about how he thought it was so fake and everything was staged. I wouldn’t have it. I defended Jason, Melissa, and Molly the entire time. Even this morning Dave sent me a long email about his conspiracies of what happened and that he thought it was a big hoax. I disagreed. I gave him a big long email about how it could have really happened that way and bla bla bla. After sending the email I decided that just in case something he said was true, I should look around online and see what other people are saying….. L I’m not a happy camper. It seems that something very fishy and fake is going on and I don’t know about everyone else…but I just wanted everyone to end up like Trista and Ryan…happy and actually in love. If you haven’t talked to other people or looked around online, you’ll be surprised when you see all of the theory’s that are floating around out there. Most of them are pretty consistent, and the biggest thing is that most of them where written weeks before the finale even aired. Its not like they were just written last night or this morning. People knew this was coming. WTH? Am I retarded? I knew some sort of twist was going to come about…but I didn’t think it would be staged and a big hoax to bring in more viewers….I guess I’m too much or a romantic and I actually believe in the stuff that is going on. I mean, The first time dave and I had any contact I we were living different states, I knew I was going to marry him after our first phone conversation and ended up falling in love with him over the phone before I even met him, 1 ½ months later (2 weeks after meeting him in person) I moved to a different state to be closer to him and 8 months later was married…. If it happened for me why couldn’t it happen for them? Dave on the other had is a bit more practical and has been having these “conspiracy” thoughts for quite some time now. I guess before I make any firm decision about how I feel or don’t feel about what happened I will give tonight’s show a chance. But looking back on everything….there are just way too many things that happened that just don’t add up…things I wanted to believe just happened that way because it was meant to be, but now….i just can’t be sure.

If you want to read some of stories or conspiracies of the Bachelor go here and read the report and watch the video. I’m sorry to bring this to your attention if you weren’t already thinking it….

PS….i think he should have just picked Jillian and avoided all this drama!


weekend happenings

We had a fun weekend! Nothing to exciting….but it was still fun and relaxing.

Here are the highlights:

-dermotoligoist visit

-test drove a tundra (for the 10th time in the last month)

-Wings at Wingers (dave hated them)

-Brought Nana a diet coke

-Hot tubbed

-sister came over

-Watched “unbreakable”

-Watched “Saving McCallister”

-Fell asleep on the couch

-Woke up at 10am

-Ate a PB & J sandwich for breakfast (a Saturday favorite)

-took nap while hubby volunteered to clean, vacuum, scrub, and wash my car (a 2 hour task)

-went shopping and bought a bra that made me VERY happy

-saw a movie that I didn’t love

-ate at Tony’s and loved it

-enjoyed a soft serve vanilla ice cream cone

-played w/turtle

-cuddled with honey

-fell asleep before 11:00pm

-went to church

-took a nap

-ate with the family

-moved the tv into our bedroom (yay!!)

-stayed up until 11:30pm on a week night

Can’t wait till Friday: 4 days and counting….