Bachelor Smatchelor


I’m assuming everyone in the world watched the Bachelor last night. I was freaking out the entire time. I was sure he was going to pick Melissa (even though I always liked Molly… and ps.. am I the only one that liked her? Seems like no one liked her) anyhow… I was sad for Molly but so excited for Jason and Melissa, they seemed so happy. And then as soon as Jason walked on to the stage on the after the final rose show…I knew that something bad happened. Everything after that was, weird, awkward, and hard to believe. Dave was giving me his thoughts the entire night about how he thought it was so fake and everything was staged. I wouldn’t have it. I defended Jason, Melissa, and Molly the entire time. Even this morning Dave sent me a long email about his conspiracies of what happened and that he thought it was a big hoax. I disagreed. I gave him a big long email about how it could have really happened that way and bla bla bla. After sending the email I decided that just in case something he said was true, I should look around online and see what other people are saying….. L I’m not a happy camper. It seems that something very fishy and fake is going on and I don’t know about everyone else…but I just wanted everyone to end up like Trista and Ryan…happy and actually in love. If you haven’t talked to other people or looked around online, you’ll be surprised when you see all of the theory’s that are floating around out there. Most of them are pretty consistent, and the biggest thing is that most of them where written weeks before the finale even aired. Its not like they were just written last night or this morning. People knew this was coming. WTH? Am I retarded? I knew some sort of twist was going to come about…but I didn’t think it would be staged and a big hoax to bring in more viewers….I guess I’m too much or a romantic and I actually believe in the stuff that is going on. I mean, The first time dave and I had any contact I we were living different states, I knew I was going to marry him after our first phone conversation and ended up falling in love with him over the phone before I even met him, 1 ½ months later (2 weeks after meeting him in person) I moved to a different state to be closer to him and 8 months later was married…. If it happened for me why couldn’t it happen for them? Dave on the other had is a bit more practical and has been having these “conspiracy” thoughts for quite some time now. I guess before I make any firm decision about how I feel or don’t feel about what happened I will give tonight’s show a chance. But looking back on everything….there are just way too many things that happened that just don’t add up…things I wanted to believe just happened that way because it was meant to be, but now….i just can’t be sure.

If you want to read some of stories or conspiracies of the Bachelor go here and read the report and watch the video. I’m sorry to bring this to your attention if you weren’t already thinking it….

PS….i think he should have just picked Jillian and avoided all this drama!


Nat and Dave said...

Hahah funny! Yep it was pretty crazy!

The Robinson's said...

Can you believe it? I was also freaking out! My sister told me this was going to happen before the show aired- not sure how she knew it. I hate when I get so involved in a stupid TV show- just to get disappointed. Hope life is good for you guys!

The Browns said...

I know I to think he should have picked Jillian to. And no we are not retarded!!!! I feel the same way you do on everything about everything. So lets just say everyone else is retatded and we are the hopeless romantics and that it is all possible. I sure hope Jillian is the next bachelorett!! I would never miss an eppisode ever. We could have bachelorett nigh parties. That would be so fun. Call me so we can hang. Please!!

Miller's said...

Oh my, ya I watched it and seriously was so worked up I could hardly sleep that night. I was so sad and upset for Melissa, how could he do that on air? I too wondered if it was staged, now I'm just too exhausted to care anymore. I just think he is kinda dirt bag, I actually liked him until he dumped her on national television. Who know if it was real or staged but I am pretty disgusted by the whole thing, and how could abc go through with it all? Weird!

crystalyn and rob said...

freak. im glad you were watching. i wanna see the all the conspirocies behind it. place the right link already!!!!