Yesterday was my one year anniversary for my blog! I can't believe it's been a year, and then on the other hand I can't believe it has only been a year. At one point in my blogging life all i seemed to think about was blogging...(mostly because i had nothing else to do at work) but also because it was really fun for me. I would even say it was kinda becoming a hobby. Things have changed a bit as life has changed...but i still love blogs...i love reading them, i love writing on mine, i love talking about them. I look forward to twenty years from now when i can look back on all these posts and remember what i was feeling, thinking, and what I was doing!

Today...we celebrated my birthday even though its a week away(too long to explain why)...

the celebration went like this...

home made rainbow cake with the ball frosting (the BEST)

a house full of balloons

a room full of hidden presents that i had to search for in order to open

My favorite licorice...much needed nail oil and lint roller...a birthday card, and dr. pepper lip smaker!

A cute pink bag for my lap top

AND....an INCREDIBLE b-day gift....a home made "gift certificate" for a shopping spree!!

last but not least...a lovely dinner at Tony's...

can you say holy mother of america happy birthday to me??

I never knew Dave could be so romantic, so thoughtful, and so darn good at giving me exactly what i want! ha ha...but seriously!! and not because of the gifts...but because of the thought he has been putting in to the things he does....its really so sweet. I tell him all the time that i really didn't know he was this wonderful when i married him..I'm sorry to be so cheesy....but he honestly gets better every day! Thanks babe for making my birthday so special...it means a lot! 143!!

ta ta for now. we are going to start watching the series "Jericho" on netflix..i heard its good!

HERE is my first blog post in case you're interested to read it!


Scott & Shy said...

Very cute...Isn't Dr. Pepper lip smackers the best?!? It's my fave!!!

The Browns said...

Oh he is a sweet heart. I love it when the hubbys do things that are so fun and cute. It makes you just want to take them right there.Hahaha. Anyways thanks for going to dinner. I didn't really talk much because I was worried about Hud. It was the first time I ever left him with someone other than Fam. He was totaly fine so now I am mad for worrying. Stupid me. Next time will be way better. Next weekend? Sounds good to me.

Brett and Lex said...

Cute DAVE!! That looks sounds like a fun early birthday! Hidden presents? I love that! HOORAY!! Lova ya!

Margaret said...

Happy Birthday! Although, I'm not sure when the exact date is, but since you've already celebrated I feel I can say it.
And I want to see a picture of you in your Snuggie.
And, the bachelor news is on TONS here since he was from Seattle. It really was, the most dramatic rose ceremony ever. (Finally it was true.)
Sorry, catching up on all your blog posts!

Miller Family said...

Oh that is so cute! How fun! Happy Birthday next week! What do you want for your birthday? I hope you had a good weekend! Love ya!

Amanda said...

oh that is so sweet! happy birthday! i hope it is great!

Erica said...

Hey Nat! I don't have a blog of my own but I love looking at other people's blogs! Happy Birthday on March 14th (look at that memory) and also confetti cake with the ball frosting is my favorite too! I also have it every birthday and then some in between:)

Emily said...

Happy Birthday for the third time!!!!!!!!!! I love you tons and tons!!!!!!!!! MMMMM, I'm thinking Tony's on Wednesday night!!!