B-Day and St. Pattys

Last weekend was a blast! We celebrated my birthday and St. Patricks day with the entire family. It was so much fun! I didn't have to work on Friday so that as even better! After I woke up and had some breakfast we all lounged around in our PJ's hanging out and talking. Friday night everyone came over for the St. Patty's day dinner/party. We ate green food, played green games, and watched Darbio Gill and the Little People. I didn't get to partcipate in the annual coin toss, because my head got smashed inbetween Dave and Trev at the very first of the toss and MAN IT HURT..i was down for the count and didn't get a single coin! :( Other than the huge headache I ended up with, the night was a BLAST!

I think this is what we would look like if we were drunk. Thank goodness that will never happen

Court and Kylee

Me and Grace

Anytime the goggels went on dave's face did this...what a dork(a cute dork though right?)

On Saturday (b-day day) we woke up and went to breakfast at the yummiest place. Pleasant Valley Grill. If you have not been there..GO its so delicious! I had Pancakes(my favorite)!! We had a wonderful brunch and then went back to the house and hung out. I got a little tired so I took a nap and then Dave and I went and played basket ball at the park. Later that night we headed to my all time favorite restaurant... TONYS!!

I will never get enough of this stuff

The Waiting Room

After a delicious dinner we headed back home and I got to open my b-day presents...everyone was so thoughtful and sweet and I got some great things! After that we played American Idol Karaoke on the play station...so fun!

On Sunday we all woke up and went to church and then came back and took our regular Sunday naps. Sweet Adeal (our third grandmother) brought over HUGE new york stakes for everyone..so we grilled those baby's up and had a YUMMY steak dinner followed by a bunch of fun games!

What a wonderful weekend! Thanks so much mom and dad for making everything so wonderful! It was so fun to have everyone home and spend so much time together! Love you all!


Miller's said...

Happy late birthday. It sounds like so much fun, you guys partied like rockstars.

Miller Family said...

Yay for Birthday's and St. Patricks day! Love you sister!

Brett and Lex said...

Looks fun, Nat! Happy belated birthday!! Dave is a cute dork!

Liesl Lambert said...

Natalie, Guess where I am going on April 9? O-P-R-A-H! I was thinking about taking our Romania letter we wrote...I found it the other day, funny huh?

The Hodsons said...

Your St. patty's party looks awesome!

The Browns said...

Oh Nat happy bday. I hope you had a good one. Duh what was I thinking you had a great one if you went to tonys. I love that pic of dave when the goggles are on. He is a pretty cute dork.haha. I am so excited for saturday. Fun baby fun! Love ya and happy bday!

Michael said...

Cute blog and so wonderful to keep as a journal of what is going on in your life! I love our family so much too! I love YOU!! MOM