The Sun Killed me

When Dave went to the gym this morning, I didn’t join him. Shame on me. I had a horrible dream last night and I think it left me feeling kinda weird and I just didn’t want to go (excuse). But for real…My dream was creepy… I was killed by the sun. I was driving with some friends on Glassman way and as we looked out the window we saw the moon and it was HUGE it looked like It was red and yellow and on fire…it seemed to be falling from the sky. It was such an amazing site that I called Dave because I didn’t want him to miss it…..he told me it wasn’t the moon but that it was the sun. As he began to explain to me what was happening using a bunch of technical jargon…. all the sudden this huge ball of fire was right in front of me rolling down the road…I knew I was going to die. I didn’t have enough time to explain to Dave what was about to happen, all I could do was tell him I loved him over and over and then the huge ball rolled right over the top of us… and I was dead.

Bla. I didn’t like it. I’ve never died before in my dream. It was pretty real….and weird. I think I ended up coming back to life later on in the dream, but I’m not clear on that. Geeze brain take it easy…don’t kill yourself. I guess this dream was a little better than the night before where I dreamt that my sister made out with my husband. WTH? My dreams are so cooky sometimes! Where do dreams come from anyhow? It can’t be from something I was thinking about because trust me, I was not thinking about a giant ball called the sun rolling down the street…. and I definitely was not thinking about my sister kissing Dave. Today after I got to work and was in the mood for conversation I called Dave and told him about my dream and how I died. I’m not going to die like that right? I asked him… (Hoping he would comfort me)………NO! he said… definitely not by the sun rolling down the street…..that’s just impossible…. maybe an asteroid though. What? Hello that is not what I wanted to hear…Thanks for the comforting though! Too funny. I’m ok though.

I don’t know about anyone else but if I have a weird dream It takes me a bit to get over it. Sometimes I still feel a little sad, mad, upset, or weird. Even though I know it wasn’t real. Does that happen to anyone else? I remember when I was in elementary school having a dream where my mom was in prison and was smoking and I was so upset with her… how could she do this to our family? I distinctly remember being so angry with her the next day! How about the dream where you are pregnant but you know you didn’t do anything that would make you pregnant…Heck sure you’d never even kissed a guy, so how could you be pregnant? Wasn’t that the worst? Dreams are weird. Most of my dreams are annoying. Why don’t I have those sweet dreams that Dave always wishes me at night? The ones filled will everything you ever wanted? Hmmmm?? Maybe since my life is filled with so many sweet dreams…. my dreams can’t be filled with them too?

The end.

PS…if you see the sun or the moon and it looks abnormally large and is red and yellow and looks like it is falling from the sky…..RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!


Miller Family said...

My dreams always seem so real and vivid too!! It takes me a while to get over them too!!I can feel sad all day about a bad dream!!

The Hodsons said...

Yes, I especially hate the dreams where you die...not that I dream that a whole lot, but when I do, it is sooo disturbing! Weirdest dream so far is when Ty and I both dreamed that each other died on the same night...after that the whole day just felt a little eerie.

Craig Family said...

That stinks! Carlie should quit making out with Dave in your dreams. LOL Ok, tell the truth, what sister was it? Please not me...I would hate to be the cause of a nightmere you had.

Miller's said...

Ya dreams are very strange. Wait until your preggers, thats when they get so freakin weird. I had tons of weird dreams during both me pregnancies.

Alicia said...

Natalie Brynleigh just got her braces off and guess what I think she looks just like you it is sooooo weird good thing you are go dang beautiful!!!! I will have to put a pic on our blog of her!

The Browns said...

I hate having dreams like the one where your sister is making out with your husband and you can't help but be sooo mad at them the next time you see them. I should know they are not real since Trent is absolutely terrafied of women. But no matter how many times you tell yourself it wasn't real you are still a little mad. Oh well at least they are dreams and hopefully don't really mean anything:) Right?