Ideas Please

Don't get me wrong...I love being back in Utah I really do, so this post is in no means me complaining....but I think living away for 2 1/2 years and the fact that I accidental blocked out my life and memories before Dave has caused me not to remember all the fun things that there are to do here in Utah. I know there are plenty of fun things, ya know...things that Utahans do for fun, things that are special to the area...ya know all the fun stuff. I was thinking about it today and all I could come up with was Crystal Hot springs! ha ha funny right? But I always loved that place! So my plea to you is that you will leave a suggestion or two of some of your favorite things to do in this lovely place we call home! In return I'll give you the low down on fun things to do in Portland...what a great swap right!!! I thought so...PRETTY PLEASE give me some ideas...EVERYONE, if you're reading this give me at least one idea!!! Simple, extravagant, relaxing....whatever just help me remember! Tell me what you love to do! thanks!!


Kristen said...

Hi Nat! OK, this is probably not unique to Utah specifically, but when we lived in SLC we LOVED the dollar theater! There's nothing like it in PDX and we miss it. SO hit it up!! Hope you're doing well!

Margaret said...

Okay Natalie. We would go into SLC a lot. I'm not sure where you are living but most of mine are in South Davis County/SLC.
So, off the top of my head.

Going to concerts or checking out local bands a lot at little coffee shops and clubs.

We'd go to the comedy improv at Off-Broadway theater in SL. It's right off main street and very fun.

Hiking up all the canyons. Farmington Canyon is close...but the weather might be too bad now.

Hiking Ensign Peak.

Temple Square has a lot of cool concerts throughout the year, especially around the holidays. They get musicians and famous classical artists that put on amazing performances.

Of course seeing plays, the symphony, stuff like that.

If you want quirky things to do:

-The Joseph Smith sphinx (we'd always go sneak into that)
-Gravity Hill by Memory Grove
-The SLC cemetery...there was one really odd tomb that is famous and there is a "legend" that goes with it.

When there is snow its so fun to go up to Kimball Junction and do sledding. They provide the tubes and everything and you just keep going down.

Rockclimbing (prob. would be indoor now)

I don't know...that is just off the top of my head. I'll see if I think of more. What type of thing are you wanting to do specifically? Austin always has fun when we go race cars at some motor sport place. Sorry so long.

Erin said...

The only thing fun to do is come to our house and babysit. Sorry. But at least that will be so much fun for you guys! We like going to Thanksgiving point, they always have fun things. IMAX movies at Clark planetarium. Classic skating, bowling...oh nevermind, you are not in junior high. Football game. Aquarium. Barnes and Noble just to look. There is a dinner up at snowbasin with a tram ride that I heard is awesome. That's all I have for now. The only thing coming to mind now is Tony's.

Ashley said...

How funny, I had the same problem when I went back in September. The city I'm in now has TONS of free entertainment because the local brewery donates a bunch of money for tax write-offs. So maybe you and I can start a movement to get Utah a brewery :) Ha!

Emily said...

Two words....Happy Sumo! I know that you asked for fun things to do and the funnest thing is to eat! Soooooo Happy Sumo is a blast! Oh and hanging out with me and jen!

Hannah Elizabeth said...

hmmm... things to do. hang out with me? because i might be the most exciting and awesome thing that utah has to offer! ha! just kidding. ryan and i like to go to wise guys on 25th street. they usually have good comedy shows and they have half off coupons in the GO! section of the newspaper every friday. we like to get hot chocolate or chai and walk around hastings, there's always lots of cool things and weird people to look at. we like to ride the front runner down to the gateway. if you sit upstairs on the train there are tables you can play cards on. they also have some pretty sweet laser shows at the clark planetarium. the body world exhibit in slc is super cool.. not sure if it's still open though. we like to hit up the egyptian theater from time to time. they have cool movies and/or plays. i really love going to silent movies there, kinda quirky but super fun. how about we all just hang out and do stuff together? ok? ok.

Jacqueline and Jared Miller said...

Duh...Park City-Stay over night, Alpine Slide, outlet shopping! Very fun! Also, go skiing! Jk i know you hate the cold! You can go to temple square-i bet the lights are up now-and go ice skating at the Galavin Center. Also, take a carriage ride-its pretty fun!

Donna said...

Hi there. I happened across your blog, actually while googling a scripture of all things. Anyway, I noticed your post about moving to Utah, and leaving Portland behind and I felt inclined to comment.

I have a sister who lived in Portland for many years, and had to move back to Utah for some personal reasons. My husband & I went out there a few times to visit, (and also to help her move back) and absolutely fell in love with Portland. In fact, one of the visits, we almost purposely missed our flight back home. We didn't want to leave. For her, it was like a part of her died when she left. Something about that area holds a place in our hearts.

As for Utah, I'm not sure what area you're in, but here's what I like to do here. Year round, I like to hike to the Fifth Water Hot Springs down in Diamond Fork Canyon (South East of Provo). It's an absolutely beautiful hike in every season. You could spend a week alone just on Mount Timpanogos. There's the hike to Stewart's Falls, Cascade Springs, Ride the lift at Sundance and bike back down. Explore the Timp Caves. Hike to the meadow & Emerald Lake (or even all the way to the summit) by taking the Aspen Grove trail, or the Timpanooke trail. Each trail offers you a completely different adventure. There are so many lakes to swim/canoe in, so many trails to follow, so many mountains to explore. So many places to ski or snowboard, or just plain sled. There's snow tubing in Soldiers Hollow, and also at another place just West of Park City along I-80. There's Moab & Arches, Capital Reef, Bryce, Zions, The Cascade mountains, the High Uinta's. Mirror Lake, Strawberry, Yuba. Leeman Caves. Sand dunes. There is sooooo much to explore that is beautiful and awe inspiring.

If you're not too outdoorsy, there's strange things like the Golden Spike reenactment up at Promontory Point. Dinosaur land up in Vernal. Tour Kenecott. Sundance Film Festival. (It's no longer just in Park City, now there's showings all over SLC as well.) Living Planet Aquarium in South Salt Lake. Dinosaur Museum at Thanksgiving Point. Hogle Zoo. Tracy Aviary. Clark Planetarium at the Gateway. Oh, I could go on and on. (But you can tell those are some of the things we like to do.) While thinking about it, I'm sure there's plenty of tupperware parties going on as well. ;)

Also, don't forget how many Temples we have in operation. Logan, Ogden, Bountiful, SLC, Jordan River, Mt. Timpanogos, Provo, Manti, Vernal, Monticello & St. George. Pretty soon we'll have the Oquirrh Mountain & Draper Temples as well.

Wow, I've spouted off a mouthful. Anyway, I just wanted to welcome you back to Utah, and also share my love for Portland. These are both absolutely stunning places in their own ways. I hope you're able to find a few things to entertain you here. ;) If you ever feel inclined, you're welcome to email me. I would always welcome a new friend. :)

Anonymous said...

Umm.. Ok I didn't feel like reading anyone's ideas so i hope this isn't repeated...My fav. date is to go ice skating at the Gallivan Center in SLC, take a ride around town in a horse carriage, secret home-made chocolate spot in the avenues, and then some lovin in the hot tub... Wow! Maybe Dave should read this and then surprise you... Love you