A Whole New World

Last week little Turtle Tot went outside for the first time! Since she is so small and we are afraid of her getting lost of getting hit by a car, we decided that she would be an indoor kitty. So up until now she had never been outside. When we took her out and set her down for the first time, it was so funny! She did not know what to think about it. She immediately went back to the door that led inside and sat there acting like she had to get back in there.

I think the cold pavement and grass were a little confusing...but after a while she got the hang of it and started to explore.

All in all......I don't think she liked it much, but it made me feel better to let her get out, explore, and get some fresh air. I can not wait until we get our own house and she can wonder about whereever she pleases...but until then...I think she has adjusted to her tiny two bedroom apartment that we confine her to (due to family allergy problems). Is it so weird to anyone else that I really love her...like for reals? She's just a little person in a furry animal body, and she smells so good (no joke..she actually smells good)...and lets face it..she has the cutest kitty face around.

love ya turty


Craig Family said...

That's pretty funny. Cute little Turt-good. Maybe she'll start catching mice and bringing them to you. Meow!

The Browns said...

Oh she really does have a sweet little face. I think they are little people in furry bodys. Otherwise why would we love them so much. Duh.

Miller Family said...

Haha awesome! I saw that little harness and leash when i came over to play with her while you were gone and I laughed so hard! She looks awesome in it!

Margaret said...

That is so funny. I've always thought Dave looked like that guy...I don't know his name. There is another person that Austin and I think Dave looks like, but I can't remember his name either. Wow, I'm full of good information.
I'll pass it on to you when I remember.

Margaret said...

Whoops. Wrote that last comment on the wrong post. I think you can figure out where I meant to post it. But Turtle is adorable. Glad she's finally been outdoors!