RaNDom PiCs

We LOVE Chilis!!

Hero's Season Finale....tomorrow! (Syler)

She FINALLY loves me more than Dave!!


Craig Family said...

This could, quite possibly, be my favorite post of all time. Even better than any on Seriously So Blessed. The picture of Dave/Sylar had me in stitches! It took me about 10 seconds to have it click that it wasn't a 2 pics of Sylar, but 1 of him and 1 of Dave! SO FUNNY!!!! I LOVE IT!
Chili's looks like too much fun with Jac/Jar & Mom/dad. Wish we were there! And yes, Turtle is pretty cute, but you are wayyyyy prettier and look beautiful in that pic.

Tone Loc said...

Very fun. Hey we still need to hang out!

The Hodsons said...

Ha ha your husband really does look a lot like Sylar!!! I too am in love with Chilis...it's pretty much right across the street from my house.

Miller Family said...

Haha yay i love all those pics!! Turtle's face in that pictures is soo funny! She looks like she is saying "what punk!" with a sassy head bobble

The Browns said...

That picture of dave and that guy is so darn funny. I had to have tren come look at it because he was mad I was laughing so loud. Once he came in he understood. Funny!!

Ryan and Maria said...

I like the Bud sign hovering over Michael's head!