The Quirky Tag

Ok...I have 10 minutes before I'm off to look at some houses...can I complete this tag in 10 minutes....let's see...

(3 hours later)

1. I can only sleep on my right side....with a body pillow...and a puffy pillow for my sweet little head. (this is not by choice (back pain)...but I would consider it quirky)

2. I tuck the top of my mouse suit into the bottom of my mouse suit (mouse suit = g's...Dave's nickname)....that's right, I'm a tucker.

3. I can not start eating dinner until the mess I created while cooking is COMPLETELY clean. All I want to do after I eat is put my dinner plate in the dishwasher and walk away.

4. I like to pop zits. In fact.. I LOVE IT. I even sometimes have dreams about pooping a really good zit. Dave lets me pop his back sometimes...its his way of showing me he loves me.

5. I am always pulling my shirt down.... :) No..silly people not like that. I'm talking about the bottom part of my shirts. I'm always tugging and pulling to make it longer...even if its a long shirt. It's something I do out of habit I guess...maybe I think it makes me look skinner if my shirt is longer...??

6. This quirk has changed in the past two weeks since living in Utah...but when I was in Portland, not a day that went by where I didn't talk to someone in my family. I just love them..

the end.

tag emma, jen, court, jac,...and anyone else.


Jacqueline and Jared Miller said...

Haha yay love it! Well, crap you took all of my same quirks!! Well at least most of them! Hmm, I will have to think really hard about this!

Erin said...

cute, although don't most people tuck? I would think you where quirky if you didn't tuck...