I am a party animal

This is the first time since I've been married, and maybe even in 2 years that I have been awake past 11:30pm on a weekday. Yes, its true...I am awake in the AM...this is not my dream typing...its me. After a long night of packing we got to bed pretty late by our standards(11:00pm). I tried to fall asleep but I seem to have a long list of things that need to get done and I kept adding to and reviewing this list over and over again. After an hour of reviewing in my mind, I realized that the madness would not stop until I physically put these things on paper. So here I am 1:27 am...still awake. It's crazy to think I used to go to bed between 1:00 and 3:00am on a regular basis. I felt obligated to document this event since it may be years until it happens again. Thanks for the stress Utah, I still love you and will see ya soon!


Jacqueline and Jared Miller said...

Haha i feel you! I never go to bed late anymore!! I bet you are tired today!!

Emily said...

Your funny!!! Welcome to married life!! I was just like that before I had Drake and now it always seems like it is around 11:00 when we get to bed!! Weird!!