So long, Farewell

We can not WAIT to move to Utah. We have been working our tails off in preparation for the move and have just 1 day left! Although we couldn't be more thrilled about our move, reality is setting in and it is becoming clear that we're going to miss this place dearly! Portland is where our life together began and where all our memories up to this point reside. We've been blessed to make dear friends that have been like family to us...we have become accustomed to the mild beautiful weather...we've seen the breath taking sites....and just recently we've begun to feel that Portland was "our home"...(minus our real family). I want to dedicate this post to Portland a place we've come to love...I'm sure it will naturally shift places with Utah and become our "new" home away from home.

10 things i'll miss
(in no particular order)

1. the beautiful weather

2. visits to the coast

3. the hundreds of hikes, trails, and bike paths (just outside our front door)

4. magical strawberries and berry picking

5. Nike clothes being sold everywhere for CHEAP
(Shopko,Fredy's,& Ross 2 name a few)

6. low altitude runs

7. McMenamins dinner and a movie

8. friends who make you feel at home

9. wearing hoodies in the summer

10. NO TAX ON ANY PURCHASE i.e.(Diet Coke =$1.25 you pay $1.25)

I tried to create a slide show and it erased on me, so I am posting a bunch of pics our time here in Portland. (most are repeats from previous posts)

bye bye Portland. Thanks for letting us stay! We'll miss you. Be back soon!


Miller's said...

I can't believe you only have one day left. I bet you guys are dying. I'm excited for you guys! I am sure you will miss Portland even more then you realize right now but you are going to love being so close to family again. Have a safe trip HOME!

Craig Family said...

Hope the move is smooth & safe. I can see you have made amazing memories during your time in Portland. You will always reflect on that time, fondly. Love ya!

Jacqueline and Jared Miller said...

Yay for portland!! I love all your pics and I am glad you have so many great memories!! I am also soooooooooooo excited you are on your way home!!! See you tomorrow!!! hehehehe
p.s. I realized as I was looking at your pics and think oh what a cute jacket or shirt....WE CAN SHARE CLOTHES AGAIN!!!! hehe!! This is probably much better for me because you have cuter clothes but still...!!!

The Browns said...

Guess who is in the blog world????? Your favorite cousin!!!

The Browns said...

if you find a piece of natalie pick it up and put it in your pocket so when she moves back you can give it back to her. i am so excited you are moving back. you can be in the lunch group with me and em. nobody else will come with us but maybe you are cool enough to. hey if you need any help moving things i would love to help just call me.

april said...

nat & dave,
we are so going to miss you in PDX! we have had a blast with you over this past year, and look forward to visiting you next week in UT :-)
ok ... so these pictures are fab. you OBVIOUSLY visited EVERY single cool site in Oregon. bravo!
luv ya lots ... april & dave