Thursday night fun

My Mom and Dad are tending the kids this week and my mom forgot about a young women's meeting she had to attend in SLC...so this is what we've been doing tonight...

Kylee loves Dave so much..its really cute

They spent 30 minutes just cuddling

She's so stinking cute

Kam watching 101 Dalmatian's with her sleeping bag, popcorn, chocolate chips and chocolate milk...love her!

You can't see it in this picture...but Kylee has a snaggle tooth and she does the hugest cheese smiles ever...its so funny!


Miller Family said...

Oh man I love them so much!! they are so cute and so funny!!

The Browns said...

You guys are going to be the cutest parents ever. Oh and your kids, forget about it they will be heart breakers for sure. I love it when kids cuddle like that. Lucky!

Erin said...

Oh my!!!! Thank you for posting this! The pictures turned out so cute! She must have known Dave a long time ago (Sat. Warriors style). I hope some day we can get a great picture of the shnaggle tooth to have on record! Thanks for helping with my two angels while I was off in the sun! Love you guys.