Conference Weekend

As if I don’t say it enough and we don’t all think it… weekends are the best! This weekend was even better than normal because of conference. My mom got the family tickets and we went to the Afternoon session. It is only my second time going (first time was Dave and I’s first date) and I really loved being there. I was uplifted by the speakers and am determined to keep fighting the fight and try to do a better job of it! On Monday Dave and I had family night together and talked about what we learned from all the things we heard over the weekend. We each came away with some really great council. We made some goals to work on together and personally, and committed to each other to try and come closer to our heavenly father. We are so blessed to have a living prophet who loves us and gives us council and so much support. I wish conference was held more often than just every 6 months!!

On Saturday when the boys went to Priesthood session me, jac, erin, the kiddies, and zone went to TONYS! Yay! Dinner was lovely, however Erin might tell you different since Kylee would not stay in her high chair. We came back home with stuffed belly’s and played cards, ate cookies, and watched a movie. Trev and Erin stayed over cus they are the best! It’s tradition in the Keyes home to have a HUGE conference breakfast. French toast, waffles, pancakes, bacon, eggs, hash browns, fruit with cream cheese dip, chocolate milk, assorted juices, cinnamon rolls….ya. We ate it all. I remember as a kid laying in bed on conference morning and smelling pancakes and hash browns. No matter how bad I wanted to keep sleeping….the smell drew me out of bed and to the kitchen. (it’s not like conference starts that early 10am…but I remember thinking it was so early when I was younger). We don’t eat breakfast at the table but instead lay blankets in the tv room and eat while we watch. It’s wonderful. After we give our bellies time to settle everyone continues to munch throughout the day. Ever since I can remember we would all take naps in between conference sessions….those naps seem better than most. Since my mom and dad will be out of town over Easter we had an Easter egg hunt Sunday night for Kam. It was fun to see her find all the eggs...she was the only one searching since Kylee is too little to understand. Later that night we had a nice Easter program put on by mom and dad…and then we ate yummy roast for dinner. After everyone left Dave and I ended the night with a great movie. Slumdog Millionaire (edited on clearplay)

What a wonderful, wonderful weekend!


Nat and Dave said...

So much fun! You summed up the weekend perfectly! I really might just copy and paste your blog post onto mine! Haha