Shopping Girls

I have been wanting to get a bunch of new clothes….and when I say a bunch I mean I hate all my clothes in my closet and want new ones. Obviously I can’t get all new clothes…BUT my sweet husband heard my cries and on my birthday he gave me money to go shopping! (so did my in-laws thank you!) I’ve been really exctied to spend it…BUT… I knew I couldn’t do it alone, as in I’d probably pick more clothes that I hated. I am really bad at my wordrobe (that’s why I hate my clothes)… Obviously I needed someones help. If you know my sister Erin, you know that she is pretty much the cutest, most stylish girl alive. No exageration. She ALWAYS looks cute and doesn’t own ugly clothes. She knows the latest styles and is a professional shopper and cute outfit wearer. J No matter what she is wearing she makes it look cute and when you’re with her…she makes you look ugly. HA HA….just kidding! But really, she is too cute. So me being fashionalby challeneged, asked her if she would come shopping with me and help me pick out some staple pieces of clothing. She was overjoyed at the though of it…(after last night and sore feet and back I’m not sure she felt the same way). After a month of waiting for a good time for both of us to go….we met up last night and hit it hard! We shopped for four straight hours…and we were so productive! She helped me pick out so many cute things…all so different…lots of colors, and items that I usually wouldn’t pick (cus im retarded). I even bought my first pair of leggins…and a few things to go with them…and they acutally looked cute! It was so much fun! By the time we looked at the time it was 9:00pm and we hadn’t eaten or taken a break….we shopped right through the night! When we finsihed our feet and backs were hurting a bit and were ready to rest…So we went to the Cheesecake Factory and had a yummy dinner! I love that place! I dropped Erin off and decided that since it was now 10:30pm and I still had to drive home, I’d stay the night and then only have a 10 minute commute in the morning! What a fun night! Shopping, dinner and a sleep over! I was exhausted when I got in bed and actually had a hard time unwiding from the evening. It was so much fun and I couldn’t be happier with my new clothes! Erin..thanks SO much for your help!! You are so awesome to spend your entire night shopping for me…I know it was rough not trying on and buying things for yourself…I seriously could not have done it without you! Not only did I get some cute cute oh so cute clothes…but I had a blast hanging with Erin the entire night! thank you so so much for your help!! I really appreciate it! Here’s to another night like that in 6 months…(or however long it takes to convince dave I need more clothes!) ha ha!!! Just kidding!! (kind of)


Erin said...

YOu are so nice, really it was a pleasure! I can't wait to see what Dave thinks...Hopefully you won't return too many items. I had so much fun and I could do that every month or more if there was enough money to support it, so ANYTIME you want to I will. Thanks for asking me to go and for beinf so much fun to hang with. Love ya.

The Robinson's said...

I am so jealous! I wish I had an Erin!!

Mike & Zona said...

You look so stylin' in all of your new clothes!!! How FUN!