Design Automation Company

Dave and Casey started a Design Automation Company (DAC) to help improve the processes that designers and engineers use on a daily basis. It’s really too technical to explain to normal folk like you and I. Well Last week they headed to Seattle and spend 4 days at the COE conference, Catia Operators Exchange. They went to meet new people, network and get their name out there. They had a great time and were really successful! Dave LOVED hanging out with Casey. He came back and told me so many fun stories that made me crack up. Casey is a crack up! He doesn’t care what people think…he just does and says what he feels…and its really cute! Dave told me Casey MADE him get ice cream and sweets everyday!! That’s just like Casey….a cookie with every meal, and a few in-between. Dave just sent me this picture so I had to post it. They both look so cute and are both such wonderful guys. I am so lucky to have such a wonderful husband and I am so thankful to have such a wonderful brother in-law too!! Casey has been my brother in law for longer than I remember begin alive….ok not really but for more than ½ of my life. I always looked/look up to him and wanted to find a husband just like him….always happy, positive, excited, hard working…and much more! No wonder he and Dave get along so well and have so much fun together….. I copied my sister and married someone that reminded me of her husband! J thanks court! Ha ha…If you are interested in learning more about “DAC” Design Automation Consulting go to www.dacsite.com you can learn about what they do and if you feel like it you can even watch some of the videos of Dave’s macros in action while you are there! Good job guys for your hard work at COE…… I am so excited for you guys!!