Yesterday I laid in the sun and accidently fell asleep for an hour. Ouch! I’m fried! I’m talking bright red/pink really bad…embarrassing style! The lines are horrible! I am so white that a touch for the sun cooked me! Dave and I are going to Mexico in a month and so I am going to go tanning a few times to try and work my way up so this doesn’t happen every day. So the reason I’m writing about this is….. I have a question and I’m hoping that someone has the answer. And if you do….. pretty please leave a comment.

Does anyone know of any good self tanners/Bronzers?

I am so sick of looking pale and gross, but at the same time I don’t want to get all my color from the sun. I’m sure everyone is feeling a bit pasty right..me especially. I have not seen the sun in a long time. Living in the Northwest for two years didn’t help my base color too much either. If I had all the time in the world I’d put on 70 sunscreen and lounge in the sun covering parts I don’t want to get wrinkly and slowly after a few months I’d get a nice base color without all the damage…but since that is not going to happen, I’d like to find a tanner or bronzer or lotion that looks good. Does anyone currently use one that they really like? If so what is it, where did you get it, and how much does it cost? The only thing I’ve ever tried was a Jergens lotion with a tanner in it. It worked ok…but was a bit too yellow and orange looking. I was reading in people magazine the other day and they were talking about self tanners and bronzers and how now a days you can stay tan all year long….they went on to say that in years past tanners and bronzers used to leave you yellow and orange but now there are tons of tanners that do a great job…..only problem is they forgot to mention what those might be. Does anyone you use a shimmer lotion? Does that help with color at all? If you have any suggestions or the answers to my questions please let me know!! Thanks!


The Browns said...

That stinks I hate when that happens. Sorry girl. Duh Tanning beds are the best and they shut off by themselves. Nice.