Fall Out Boy

Last night Dave and I went out to SaltAir to see Fall Out Boy in concert. Fall Out Boy is Dave's fav. band. I got him the tickets for valentines so this concert was two months in waiting. Last night I learned that I don’t really like concerts. I didn’t really know it. But after last night….I’m pretty sure I won’t be spending money on them anymore. Don’t get me wrong…They did a great job, and I really liked listening to them in person…it was just not worth the money, back and feet pain, and paralyzing fear that came over me as I realized that one day my children are going to want to come to something just like this. AHHHHHHHHHHH. I remember in 7th grade Rachel Roberts mom was taking all the kids to the Bush concert. I wanted to go so bad. I was the only one that couldn’t go and it was all my mom’s fault. Bless my mother. I’m sure that the only concerts my children will ever be going to will be put on by the church. I must say that people watching was almost better than hearing fall out boy sing. There were so many WERID people.

This girl was one of my favorites to watch...check out her braid...

Adults who were retarded, teens who just want to be accepted and have no other way of expressing it than through making themselves look like FREAKS. It made me sad. It made me hurt for them. It made me wish they could just have lovely parents and friends to show them the way. I wished they had a purpose. I wish they knew about the plan of salvation and our savior and what life was all about. I wanted to scream it from the roof top…not really, but i did think it. I was disgusted by some people, annoyed by others…I also realized that I am going to be the strictest parent in the world. Sorry ahead of time future kiddos…you’re going to hate me. But one day when you grow up and figure yourself out…..you’re going to look back and be so thankful that I was such a rock hard witch! J Ok..just kidding, I’m not going to be a witch….but through my experiences good and bad I really have learned a lot. And I’m sure that a Fall Out Boy concert of anything of that nature is not somewhere or something that I want my children to take part in.
We got to the concert at 7:00 hoping that Fall Out Boy would come on in 30 minutes or so….but we didn’t get that lucky. We had to stand around and listen to opening bands for an hour and a half.

I couldn't stand for one more second and since there were no chairs I squated for a while...

My feet were killing me. My back was killing me….and Dave had no gum. That’s right. He didn’t bring any gum with him and he almost died (he can’t live without it)… so being the “cool” wife that I am…I started to ask around. At first Dave was a bit embarrassed that I was asking these random strangers for gum…but once he realized there was a possibility that he might get a piece, he egged me on. After about 45 minutes I finally found a piece!
Little Honey

Once Fall Out Boy had started we were about at our whits end. The smell, the people, and our aging bodies were ready to hit the road. I wondered if anyone elses feet or back hurt. Or was it due to the fact that we were 10-15 years older than everyone else that our bodies were uncomfortable? We stuck around for another hour and then left. It was nice to leave early because we missed all the traffic!

We made it home by 10:00 and were thankful to get off our feet and into bed. It was an interesting night. A lesson learned. And an obvious sign that I am getting old And you know what I say to that? If making logical choices, being realistic and having common sense is a sign of getting old…then I say bring it on. I am more comfortable in my skin now than I’ve ever been….so I guess is I’m “Old” compared to the people at that concert….i’m actually thankful for that birthday song “one year older and wiser too….(clap)…happy birthday to you!”


Craig Family said...

You are sooo wise. But you look younger every year. How do you do that? Must be in the genes??? You'll be the best mom and your kids won't want to go to the stupid concert cause their daddy will play the instruments and their mommy sing and they will have a first class righteous rock band in their own living room! Lucky kids.

Miller Family said...

Awesome! It's funny how things change when you get older huh?! That lady with the braid was awesome! How did you even get that picture!! Hahah!!

Miller's said...

Cade LOVES Fall Out Boy too. He would've loved to go but it's not my scene for the same reasons you had. Too crazy for me! It does make me feel old but I'm ok with that :)

The Browns said...

I had no idea that people still wore rat tails and braided it. What a blast from te past. Thanks for the laugh. What a silly woman or was that a man?