Dave and I used to LOVE to watch Journey Man! I would get so excited when Mondays would come,it was really one of my favorite shows....and then it got canceled. So...I would like to dedicate this post to the jerk who canceled Journey Man.......(look what you made me do..)

I watched "The Hills" on Monday night. Its true. And I have to admit, that as ridiculous as it is...I kinda liked it...shh don't tell!I must be completely and utterly retarded to be admitting this, but I did enjoy it a bit. I also liked hating it and making fun of it....Kinda like reading a People Magazine or one of those silly Magazines that you can't help but be interested in all the while thinking about the ridiculous people who actually read them and are interested in them.....irony? Dave was so into trying to figure out something on the computer that he'd been messing with all night, that he was oblivious that the TV was even on and he sat through the entire episode without even knowing it! (he HATES this show) Here are just some of my thoughts after watching the show....
- How do every single one of those stupid girls look so cute all the time no matter what they are wearing, doing, saying, eating....etc? I can't decide if its the most annoying thing in the world or if I have liked the fact that it motivated me to actually get ready in the mornings??
- Why are all of their boyfriends so ugly..and retarded?! These are cute girls....whats the deal?
- Forgive and forget...???
- When are they going to have an episode where they all gain ten pounds and catch up with the rest of us fattys?
- Do they do their own hair? It always looks so cute and perfect....infact...i stole a hair due that I saw on the show and loved...see below

I tried to do my hair kinda like this today...and I think it looks pretty cute! I can't say that I am planning on watching it next week....but if I accidentally turn on the TV Monday night at 10:00pm only to realize that the Season Finale episode is on...I can't say that I won't tune in.....(that was a pre, just in case confession)

ps...that is the color I want my hair...I am struggling getting there. Anytime I try to go blonde..its turns redish...arrr...I am in a funky transition color and I hate it!


Craig Family said...

Hmmm.... Never seen the show but I figure if you're confessing to watching it, that it must be like Desperate housewives. Yep, I'm ticked at the guy who canceled journey man too. They always cancel the good shows.

Erin said...

LOVED Journey Man! What's up with that? Hey the Hills is a
"no-brainer" literally. You don't have to think about much except that a couple more trips to the gym might be good. Trev and I have both got sucked into it. However, he has lost interest and I do feel kind of hollow and dumb after watching an episode...but I won't judge you!

katie, dave, lucille said...

YES!!! another Hills fan. it's the guiltiest pleasure, but i swear i just can't get enough of lauren lo(who i don't really like anymore) and Sp-eidi. Spencer is for sure the biggest slime ball ever.
don't be embarrassed. embrace the hills for all they're worth :)

corrine said...

Ok I am totaly guilty of watching EVERY episode of laguna beach and the hills for years now. My best friend Brittany got me addicted back in our freshman year, and its ridiculously fascinating to follow these people's lives! so dumb yet so addicting!! anyway, are you fully aware of the reason behind the no-forgive and forget between lauren and heidi? also they are so totally done up by a crew, for sure. they look way too perfect. my question is - how the heck do these girls EAT OUT every stinkin day and stay so skinny? That is what I dont get. and by the way I am sure you looked SO CUTE with the front braid in your hair!! and one more comment, to agree with the reader above me - what's up with Lo being such a brat lately??

Cade & Kelsey said...

I understand! I watch it weekly so there ya go. That is really pathetic and I know and I don't care because I love watching these people's drama. Crazy, I know. P.S. Spencer has got to go. Ewww.