any ideas??

I can't believe its been over five days since my last post! Not having Internet at work has really limited my time for blogging....now I understand why some people are so horrible at posting!
So, I need some help with something...Dave and I's anniversary is next Sunday. We are going to Maui with my parents and are super duper excited. I want to do something special and cute for dave on our anniversay but I am having a hard time coming up with something orignal or cute...it seems i'm having a hard time coming up with anything.. Can everyone pitch in and give me some suggestions of cute things to do for our one year anniversary...any and every idea would be much appreciated! We just bought a video camera for our anniversary gift to each other, so I don't really need a money gift, more like a cutesy, or romantic, or thoughtful, special something that I can make or do or just something we can remeber about our first year....I am seriously needing some suggestions. So think really hard about something cute or special you may have done for your husbands and let me know asap! Thanks guys!!