Summer, Fall…NO WINTER….

Happy fall. I love the fall. I also love the summer so I’m sad and happy about the changes that will happen. I drove to work this morning with the heater on and it reminded me of winter…which I hate. I wish it would be fall and summer all year long.

We had a fun weekend…busy but fun. We did a lot of labor day sale shopping. Since there were great sales and we need stuff for when we have a home, we bought almost everything we need in one weekend. Fridge, washer dryer, couch, and…..Dave sold his car last week and on Saturday he got a new one. He is so excited. He got a VW Tourague and he loves it with all his heart. It’s really cute, and in amazing condition. I’m a bit jealous of it. It looks brand new and it’s a 2004, the owner took amazing care of it. We got a screaming good deal on it too…so we were both happy! Anyhow …I think I forgot to mention this on here….but we aren’t building a house anymore. Yup. We are officially retarded. Well not really. We were about ready to dig and but the longer we went in the process the more the house was getting ridiculously high in price. We were going to be spending at least 60k more than we wanted and or planned. Dave felt very uneasy about it and I agreed…so we backed out. So here we are. Square one again..looking for a home. We think we found one…but I don’t want to ginx it so I’m not going to talk about it until we find out for sure in a few weeks. So that’s the deal. Oh Also…I posted a few new posts (as of Friday) on my new blog…. If you didn’t already get a chance to read the new posts I wrote on my “new blog” take a look. If you want, add the blog to your google reader or blog checker because although I may add links on this blog to that blog as I write new posts as a reminder to you that the other blog exists, I don’t think I’ll always remember to do so. Anyhow… have an awesome short week…. I’m not working Friday yay…2 ½ days and counting!!

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The Browns said...

Oh Nat sorry about the house but woo hoo on the car. It is nice to get new cars but not as nice as getting a new car for you to drive. We should go to Tonys Soon. Lets do something seriously.