b o r e d o m

whose bored? am i the only one who has nothing better to do than write about how bored i am? am i the only one who gets excited when my cell phone rings and gives me an excuse to step away from my cube? am i the only one who takes their sweet time in the bathroom, hanging out and reading magazines just to pass the time? am i the only one who counts the textured dots on the ceiling? AHHHHHHH in hours, days, and months like this i like to think about why i work here.... and why it is i wake up at 5:00am only to sit and stare at a computer screen for 8 endless hours...day in and day out... I then remember that this morning just like every other morning I was able to drive to work with my best friend, who sits merely minutes away from me all day long, i get to spend my lunch hour eating and talking with my sweetheart.. and then when our work is over we get to spend 30 minutes driving home together. all in all, i get to see my hubby for an extra 3 hours a day...
..this 3 hour gift is well worth 8 hours of intense boredom. here's to the drive home and my sweet little honey!


Miller's said...

This is hilarious. I used to have a job like that and it really does suck. I'm sorry your job is so boring. I haven't heard from you in a while, you ok?

Miller's said...

Hey Nat, yes I am for sure going to Crystalyn's wedding. How long are you staying? If you stay for the weekend we should do dinner one night, that would be fun. Let me know.