I wanted to post my favorite April fools prank! This memory takes me back to Marlon Hills Elementary School (third or fourth grade). I can’t quite remember how this prank was devised or exactly who was the mastermind behind it, but Lindsey brown was the receiver and Amber Rich and I were the executioners.

Lindsey and I were regular cafeteria food eaters. We had our own lunch numbers… We used the green trays, the dirty silverware; we drank from the milk cartons…that was us. We were always jealous of the kids who brought their own lunch. Amber was one of them. She had always brought her lunch… It was perfectly packed with just the right things. Not a day went by where were we did not long to eat her lunch and the goodies inside.

When April fools came around Amber and I devised the perfect Prank…and we knew just who to pull it on! The night before the big day, we went to Pick n Save and bought just the right thing to make Ambers lunch even more desirable.

We filled her lunch with all kinds of wonderful things…a tasty sandwich, yummy chips, and lots and lots of sweet treats! I made sure to sit next to Amber and her fancy home made lunch. As we began to eat lunch, even Amber herself began to drool over the endless supply of goodies that kept coming out of her bag. The final treat she pulled out was a bag full of mini snickers and dog biscuits (which had all been strategically sprinkled with powdered sugar) All our anticipation had built up to this very moment…. Amber asked Lindsey if she wanted some “snickers” she willingly accepted and dove in. As she ate the first dog biscuit, we bit our lips and hoped to not let out a squeal. Between biting our lips and trying not to smile we somehow asked her how her "snickers" tasted. She replied with an enthusiastic grin “It's great… really crunchy” and then reached for another! We could not contain ourselves…..we burst out in hysterical laugher, pointing fingers, clapping hands, screaming....the whole nine yards! When we finally calmed down enough to tell her what she had just eaten and pronounced “APRIL FOOLS” upon her, she stormed out of the cafeteria not to talk to us for several days!

I will never forget that prank! I remember it every time this day rolls around! This story may not mean much to those who weren’t there, but to me its a keeper!


Cade & Kelsey said...

I love this story. Thats hilarious! I also have an april fools story that I remember every year and it never gets old to me. It still makes me laugh hysterically when I tell it or think of it, so I understand how dear this story is to you. By the way I love the slide show.

Natalie said...

Natalie Shaw really is an amazing name! And I love this story!