What a fun weekend! I arrived in Utah Wednesday night and the fun never stopped! Dad was coming in from San Francisco and luckily our flights got in at the same time! We met up and had a great car ride home. Mom was there to greet me with a bowl full of yummy strawberries... we chatted for a while and then went to bed. Thursday started with kick boxing and running with my mom and then racing to get ready for Crystalyns wedding. I some how calculated the time it would take for me to get ready incorrectly and ended up sprinting shoes in hand down north temple in order to make it on time for the sealing. Since it was my first sealing besides my own I didn't know how early you had to be so I was so nervous I was going to miss the event! I made it with time to spare! The sealing was wonderful! Crystalyn looked so beautiful! Her dress was amazing! It makes you hate your own dress, because it is so beautiful! :) That night me, jac, mom and dad drove down to the reception which was lovely. It was so fun to see friends and visit and get to see Crystalyn and Rob enjoying their special day! It really brought back memories of our wedding day and how wonderful it was! Friday was so much fun too! After a long run, Jac and I soaked in the hot tub and hung out. Then Jared, Carlie, Jordan, Trev and the girls came over for the birthday party! Trev went to run errands with dad so I got to play with the little girls. They were so much fun...and so easy to watch. No crying, all playing, lots of giggles, and the cutest smiles ever!! It was so fun to play with Kam and Kylee! They are both so happy and so stinking cute! Kamryn is getting so big and is so smart! She is so cute to watch! Kylee is the happiest smiliest baby EVER. If she makes eye contact with you, she smiles, you don't even have to say anything. She never cries and is just an angel! I loved playing with them!

We celebrated Jac, Jer bears, Carlie, and Jordan's birthday all in one. We had an amazing dinner with wonderful dessert and then hung around and talked and laughed! Dad, jac, Jared, and I all went on a walk later on which was a lot of fun too! We came back and hung around and talked and then went to bed...fun times!! Thanks so much for all the hard work mom and dad!!

I got my hair highlighted on Saturday and rushed back and went to visit Nana. She is so cute. We brought her some groceries and visited for a while and then headed to the Gateway.

We met up with Trev and Erin and played around at the Children's Discovery Museum. We then all went to eat at Market Street Grill...mmmmm!! The night ended with the Jazz game, Juno, and treats! I LOVE MY FAMILY! I had such a great weekend! Thanks so much everyone for hanging out and planning such fun things! It was so fun to see everyone! I headed back to Portland Sunday morning very excited to see my little honey! It was so fun to see him after not being together all weekend! We had a wonderful day, watching movies, and cuddling! Thanks again mom and dad for taking care of me and for the wonderful dinners, the fun talks, letting me use your car, feeding me, the pillow gifts..... and everything! I can't wait to see you guys again...oh so soon in HAWAII! yay!! If anyone can prove they had a better weekend than me.....i'll give you a million dollars!!

ps..even though she looks like she is crying in this pic, shes not..she never cries!!


Craig Family said...

Your hair looks so beautiful! You are so cute. I am so happy you had fun - what a great weekend. I love the pictures of Kylee and Kam Kam and you, and the picture of Nana and you is really sweet. I can't believe how much Kylee looks like Trev. She is darling!