False Prophecies

I have been informed that the "Snoop" story below is a hoax.
FALSE! IT IS FALSE! FALSE! FALSE! I AM A SUCKER! DANGIT.....I loved the story. Dangit! Oh well, it was fun while it lasted! Sorry for the false info! I still think what I said about member missionary work rings true....every member a missionary!!!!


Margaret said...

If you scroll all the way down to the bottom of the article on the left hand side it says it's an April Fools joke. I still think the fake picture is great though!

Cade & Kelsey said...

I was extremely sceptical about the article but I still thought there was a chance that it was true. Obviously, now I know thats not the case. By the way I'm with you, I love blogging, I seriously try to convince everyone I know to do one. I think they are great.

emilyandryan said...

Hi Natalie!!! Way to spread the word about the blogging! I started mine a while ago but I'm so bad about updating it! You've inspired me to be better :) Ours is ryandem.blogspot.com.
PS... Don't feel bad. I TOTALLY fell for the Snoop Dogg prank too!