homeward bound

I having been counting down the days…waiting for TODAY! I am going to Utah today! I am really excited! I am excited to see my family, I am excited to sleep in! I am excited to not cook…I am excited to be pampered by my mother. I am excited to hang out with my brothers and sisters! I’m excited to go to Tony’s. I am excited to see all my cute friends and see Crystalyn get married! I am excited to do any and everything that has to do with me coming home! It is so fun to come home when you live away…its one of my favorite things to do! I literally count down the days! I am so blessed to be able to visit so frequently…its been a month since I was last there, even though it feels like an eternity! Since we live away when we come home we really get spoiled and it feels wonderful! The only sad thing about me coming home this time is….DAVE IS NOT COMING WITH! DANGIT! His friend from Illionis is coming in town tomorrow so he stayed to hang out with him while I go home for Crystalyn’s wedding! This will be the longest we have been apart in year. In the past year we have not been apart for longer than 6 hours…those 6 hours are spent in the same building mind you… It’s true, I am addicted to my husband, and can not live many hours without him. I hope I can last the next 3 days! I am really lucky that my family is so amazing, if not…I don’t know what I’d do!
PS… Monday and Tuesday Dave and I cleaned the house like never before getting the guest bedroom, bathroom, and everything spic and span before Dave’s friend comes…and MAN do I have a wonderful husband who is more than willing to any and everything for me! I merely mentioned that I was stressed about the housework and getting it done before I left…and he was on it! He asked what he could do to help and geeze he was so helpful! He did more than 50% of what I wanted to get done… cleaning the house, vacuuming, organizing; scrubbing…dusting…..fixing….he did it all…he is wonderful! (you are wonderful)


Craig Family said...

Yeah, you're going home! I wish I was going too, but I hope you eat double at Tony's for me. YUM!! You deserve a good sleep in and pamper. I love your blogs. Keep me posted on the trip home. I want to see pictures of Kylee and Kam Kam. I miss them. Love ya, Court

crystalyn & rob said...

uh, thanks for the shout out. i feel like a celebrity on this blog. you are so indepth holy shiz pants. can you teach a poor woman like myself how to blog professionally? i want to see a pic of your new blonde bombshell do!