Just a few thoughts…

1st...I just want to say that i love oatmeal, its true. I love it! I know I already posted about it love last week but I just can’t believe how much I really love it. When I finished my banana bread oatmeal this morning, I looked down and my empty bowl and thought…I LOVE OATMEAL…I do! Its so good! Funny thing is I haven’t always loved it…it kinda grew on me. I started to eat it everyday when I started getting to work so early (6am). I choose it Oatmeal for breakfast since it is easy, convenient, and healthy with only 160 cal /7grms protein/ 6gms fiber…I look forward to my oatmeal. Mmmmm it’s just so tasty.

2nd...did anyone watch biggest loser last night? Talk about inspirational. These people are amazing. I can’t get over the transformation they have had. Especially Ali!! She has a perfect body! No joke, you would never believe in a million years she had ever been a drop over weight. She is so pretty, so in shape, so toned and so confident. My eyes seriously teared up when I was watching the show. I know that most females struggle with their weight whether it be 10lbs, 20lbs, or 100+….Battling weight loss sometimes feels like it will never end…but seeing these people take control of their life and their bodies makes me even more excited to continue to do it for myself. I have been trying to tone up and loose a little weight the past six weeks and this show seriously inspires me to keep going and try even harder….if they can loose over 100 lbs in 4 months….why can’t I loose 5 or 10lbs? I can…and I will! Ha…may sound corny, but seriously….I loved the show last night, it was so motivating. I got chills several times during the show! I want Ali to win because I think she has done an amazing job and has shown that anyone can do it. When Ali started on the show she was 230+ and last night she hit 135! She looks amazing!

When I first started watching the show I never thought she would change the way she has and do what she has done. It’s really unbelievable. She is so competitive and I seriously think she can win it! There will be three finalists, Ali and Kelly for sure, and the third finalist will be chosen by at home voters. I voted for Mark to be the third finalist…ONLY because if Roger makes it to the finals, Ali will have a lesser chance of winning since Roger still has quite a bit to loose. Anyone can vote by going to http://www.nbc.com/The_Biggest_Loser_5/vote/register.shtml
Anyhow, enough about that, I just love the show and am so motivated by it!

3rd...My sister and I were talking about blogging the other day and how we really enjoy decorating our page, (which bye the way, one day I’ll keep the same background, but not until I find the right one..) and how it is fun to write about our thoughts, post fun pictures, and keep up on each other and our busy lives. She told me about a post she had read on someone elses blog talking about journal writing and blogging. The post referred to a talk given by President Spencer W. Kimball. He counseled the following, “Do not suppose life changes so much that your experiences will not be interesting to your posterity,” President Kimball explains then suggests recording “your goings and comings, your deepest thoughts, your achievements and your failures, your associations, … your impressions and your testimonies,” your “experiences of work, relations with people.” Your journal is your autobiography so it should be kept carefully. You are unique, and there may be incidents in your experience that are more noble and praiseworthy in their way than those recorded in any other life. There may be a flash of illumination here and a story of faithfulness there; you should truthfully record your real self and not what other people may see in you.” (Kimball, “The Angels May Quote from It,” p. 5.)
This got me to thinking….How fun would it be if our parents had been able to keep a blog? Wouldn’t it be great to read about their life, and the times they shared together? I would love to read their posts, look at pictures and know what they were thinking, doing, enjoying, and experiencing at different stages of their life? I want to use my blog as journal, to tell stories, talk about life, share experiences, keep photos, or just post thoughts that I may be having or feeling. I have never been good about keeping a journal, so I am going to keep a blog instead! So…if you are reading this blog or other blogs and you yourself don’t have a blog, get one. I’m sure I will be thankful to have an online journal and scrapbook with commentary to share with my children one day. I am aware that blogging has been around for quite a while and that I am late to jump on board, but I am glad that I have. Happy blogging!


Craig Family said...

Loved your thoughts. I am so glad you found that quote by Pres. Kimball. I feel the same way as you and I wish I had done it since I was 1st married. Even my kids love to look at our blog and read what I have written about them. It is a great way to share your testimony with them too.

You are an amazing person, Natalie. I love being your sister and best friend. Thanks for turning me on to blogging.

Love, Court

Ben & Sheri said...

Hey Natalie! Fun to find you on here! Ben and I love the Biggest Loser!! It's our favorite! Ben always gets up and does push-ups during the show....so funny!