What a woman!

I just finished 50 minutes of kickboxing and 1 hour of walking/jogging...it was a great workout...ya know who else did it too?...MY MOM! Thats right...she was right by my side...she is amazing! She is seriously in such good shape, I am amazed! She is 55 years old and was working her butt off! I even had her do my abs workout and she did them all, without complaining or giving up! Way to go mom...YOU ROCK! I hope in 30 years I can keep up with my daughters like you keep up with yours! Just wanted to give her some kudos!! good job mom!!


Cade & Kelsey said...

That is awesome. I hope I can be that in shape at that age. It was so good seeing you for a few minutes at Crystalyn's reception. We for surevneed to get together next time your in town.

Mike & Zona said...

Thanks Nan! I had so much fun being with you!!!!


Craig Family said...

Yep, she rocks! I suck. Owell, I think I will just go eat something! I'm glad you had a fun trip to Utah. Love you.