Vacation Withdrawls

I wrote this two days ago at work and forgot to post it...so here it is a few days late... i have come out of these withdrawls quite a bit since then but i might as well post my feelings.... :)
June 10th
i keep telling myself working everyday is what enables us to go on vacations....cus today i'm feeling a little vacation sick. My first day back to work was suprisingly great! I was not too tired, the day flew by and I felt great! Today on the other hand....well its 3:45 and it seems like it should be time for bed. I am not too happy to be here, and the day has dragged on forever! It just doesn't compare to maui.....but I guess nothing really compares to that right? So for now, I will just keep my chin up and keep chugging along. I know my everyday life of getting up at 5am and coming to this BLEEP hole will become more appealing and I'll get back to loving and enjoying everyday of my life just as I did before I left to Maui. Its just kinda hard to do at this very moment when my thoughts so easily drift to the feeling of the sun on my skin as I lay on a lawn chair by the pool drifiting away for my 10th nap of the day.......I'm sure soon enough I'll forget what it felt like to wake up with nothing to do but eat pancakes and pinapple and lay by the pool..... knowing that my biggest dilema of the day was picking where we would eat that night.... i never knew how hard it would be to recover from such luxory! ha ha But I must say, Maui aside...I do have a pretty amazing life...with NOTHING to complain about! It just might take me a day or two to get back into the swing of things!