So…. while I was in Utah I dyed my hair back to the "normal" color that I had most my life.....(blonde) and its weird because its like an new….old hair do! I dyed my hair dark March of last year and Dave loved it…I liked it Ok but, did not like it as much as he did. I wanted to go back blonde since then, but didn’t want my hair to fall out so I have slowly been trying to go back blonde since then. In the process of going lighter I began to like being dark and kinda chilled for a while and then by the time my hair was ready to be blonde, I was not sure I wanted to go through with it, I liked being a brunette. But then I decided to go through with it, I was ready and did want to go blonde. So my hair was finally ready and I did it…..and now I am not really sure what I think….at least not yet. I don’t remember myself with this light color! I have been blonde my entire life but it has been interesting getting used to it the past couple of days! I have only been dark for about a year and a half and it is almost like the dark hair became the picture I had of myself in my mind. Isn't it weird that in just over a year I forgot what I looked like as a blonde, when I have been a blonde my entire life…ha ha? Maybe because the past year and a half has been the best year and a half of my life so since I had dark hair in that year my mind took an image of that dark hair and froze it…did that even make sense????!??I keep looking in the mirror and thinking…wo wo wo light, yellow, light, blonde…wo!! Is blonde yellow? I never thought that until now…but its kinda yellow…is that ugly? Oh no…ha ha
I am not sure if I made the right choice by going back! But I am sure I’ll adjust! And if not, I can always just dye it back…right?? Dave says he really likes it, which is good…I like it when he likes it! My family doesn't even seem to notice that something changed! I If you think about it since I live away from them and they only saw me a handful of times with dark hair, the blonde is only normal for them.....I really think it will just take a few more days of getting used to it...it makes me feel better to remember that I did have these exact feelings when I went dark, so I am sure I will get used to the change! GOOD NEWS though, my hair handled the bleach really well, so no split ends or gross breaks! I did the lightening so gradually that it didn't damage it at all halleluiah!!
Anyhow....I have some fun things to post about my weekend in Utah, so I’ll get on that....we had such an amazing weekend! HAPPY MONDAY....I am so glad to be back to work! NOT!!


Jacqueline and Jared Miller said...

He ha ha!! You look beautiful as a blond!! Don't worry you love it and you don't even know it!!! It doesn't even matter what color your hair is because you are pretty so it doesn't even matter! But your blond is really pretty anyway!!

Sean.Kenzie.Ryker said...

I want to see some pics of the blonde beauty!!
Happy Posting!!

Mike & Zona said...