I love these

For the past couple weeks I have been drinking orange spiced herbal (just thought I'd bold that) tea accompanied with oyster crackers as a "early morning snack"(6am)...breakfast of champions let me tell ya!(when I buy them they are 5cents and come in a little bag like saltines would at a restaurant) This morning as I was paying the cashier at the cafeteria she asked me if I dipped the crackers in the tea...ha ha I know she has been wondering this everyday for the past couple weeks, and today was the day she decided to ask! I laughed and told her no, I did not dip my crackers in my tea...I just really love the crackers. I explained to her that they are like saltines but much better and that she should try them! I think I might have gotten through to her...Maybe tomorrow I'll buy an extra bag and give them to her...?? Either way...I just wanted to say that I am really loving these crackers!! mmmm mmm mmm yummy in my tummy!


Ben and Liesl said...

Natalie, how the hecka are you? You look great and look so happy! we should go to lunch if you come back to Utah in the next month! good to stay in touch- Liesl

Alicia said...

Nat another fabulous blog!!! Emily will be so excited that you have another random food blog!! I love it. That was fun hanging out with you all!