Happy One Year Anniversary...(7 days late)

Dave and I went to Maui for our one year anniversary and we had a blast! We stayed at the same resort as we stayed one year ago on our honeymoon! Being back in Maui brought back tons of fun memories and allowed us to make so many more! We went with my mom and dad, who made it that much more fun! We love hanging out with them and were so glad they were there! I will post pics of Hawaii later, but I wanted to post a picture of my wonderful anniversary gift that Dave made for me. It is so beautiful! He is so cute and decided to take up painting just to make me a thoughtful anniversary gift...(just something else to add to the list and list of things he is amazingly good at)...and what do you know, after his first time around ...wala...a masterpiece! Thank you honey for a wonderful vacation,a beautiful anniversary gift, an amazing anniversary, and a perfect life! I am so thankful for you! I never knew I could be so happy! Thanks for making my life so wonderful!


Trevor Keyes said...

Wow! Good Job Dave! At first when I saw the pic I thought you guys were going to talk about the new book you got for your anniversary...and other things that we shouldn't talk about on the family blog...but after actually reading the post I am way less uncomfortable. What a nice, romantic, thoughtful gift...Happy anniversary you two love birds! love, Erin.