Happy Fathers Day

I think every daughter will argree that their dad is the best dad in the world... so even though I could try and tell you why my dad is truly the REAL best.... i'm not going to. The truth is, I don't have to! I KNOW without a shadow of a doubt that I have the best dad that I COULD HAVE EVER WANTED, NEEDED, OR EVER IMAGINED, and that HE IS INDEED THE WORLDS BEST DAD ! I do not know anyone like him! I feel like the luckiest girl alive to be his daughter! Since it's Fathers Day I thought i'd share a few fun/funny things that I love about my dad! He is so cute and just cracks me up! Happy fathers day dad! Thank you for being such an AMAZING dad! I love you so much!!


Jacqueline and Jared Miller said...

Hey silly!! No you are the inexperienced one because if you go your posting titled: somebody loves me, you will see a post by yours truly that says I am excited for you to come to utah and that Im sorry I havent talked to you for a while!! hehehe you are silly-you didn't look hard enough!!! see you tomorrow!!

Craig Family said...

I can't wait to play with you in Utah. Hurry and get here. Also, change your font to a different color. I can't really read it in white. But I love the new picture of you guys in Maui....How fun for your 1 year anniversary. See you tomorrow.