Summer Nights

The weather is starting to warm up...not enough for me to be outside at night without a jacket though...but it was still a lovely night! We chilled outside while dave played the guitar and we did some reading...I love the summer! It just feels good! Here is a pic of my blonde hair for those of you that asked :)I know its not straight on shot, but you get the idea!...I also took this cute picture of turtle watching us from the window, she wanted to hang out with us too!

honey...did I mention how sexy you are?? whaoooeeyy baby!! you are one sexy boy!


Craig Family said...

Looks like a lovely evening. You guys are cute to sit out on your front porch like a couple of old folks. lol Just kidden, it looks really pleasant and turtle looks like she is getting big. Did she grow while you were gone? ps. I ran into Brady Stowers at the Student ward party tonight. He has a cute baby boy. He says Hello and hopes you are well.

The Roches said...

How fun! I'm jealous that you get to wear a jacket at night... it's definitely triple digits where I am right now! (We're back and forth between Cali and AZ all summer.. and it's SO hot in both places.) Your hair looks GREAT and you just look so cute as always. Question for you... I've been really wanting to get into the digital scrapbooking thing but I don't even know where to start to learn the basics. I know you're a pro... do you know of any good "how to" websites or anything? Any pointers would be awesome...I've seen some of your pages and they're amazing! Thanks girl!!

The Hodsons said...

cute pictures!