Utah= Family...Family= FUN!!

I was so excited on the car ride to the airport I could hardly stand it. I said ..."I've been waiting for this day for.....and then i paused and thought for a second ..... and continued with.....for as long as I've know about it...!!" HA! the truth is, I had only know about it for 10 days...so I had not been waiting that long. It felt like I had been waiting forever, but really it had just been 10 days since I had found out that we got to go on a mini vacation to visit the family! I could not think of anything more fun than a four day weekend hanging out with my entire family! And seriously....it was all I had anticipated and more! We did nothing but play, play, and more playing...we did a lot of laughing talking, eating, swimming, movie watching, more laughing, story telling, picture taking, eating, relaxing, shopping, and anything that has to do with fun, fun, and more fun!! It was so great and I feel incredibly sad that I am back at work in my cubical doing my daily bla bla bla thing. :(
I love my family more than I can even explain! They are so cool.... I mean, seriously they are the coolest people I know. Every single one of them! How did that happen? How is it possible that my sisters are my best friends...and that my brother is the coolest person I know, and that my parents are just as great...? I don’t know how it worked out like that...but I love it! How did I luck out? They are so fun to be around, so funny, so sweet and kind, and seriously just so stinking cool! They are all my best friends and hanging out with them is more fun to me than anything! To sum up the weekends activities in a nutshell we...... had bbq's, swam at the pool, went to an all you can eat crap buffet, went to a Saturdays Warriors Reunion play(YES!)(fun to watch but a bit long, just a warning), The boys went golfing twice, the girls went shopping and got pedicures, we enjoyed the beautiful weather which stayed right around 85-90 degrees the entire weekend (so lovely)! We had incredible dinners, watched fun movies, and just enjoyed each others company!

We played with the kiddies and loved watching them laugh and play together! Sophie and Kamryn had a blast together. They call each other sister cousins and were so sweet and cute playing like little princesses and talking so cute and sweet to each other..they had a blast playing with bugs and swimming and trying to write notes to the family and just playing so cute together...that is until Sophie had a break down when kam tried to put her little slug friend back in the ground on Sunday afternoon. Kam didn’t want him to die and Sophie was a little tired and it was probably time for a nap anyhow!....Kamryn was a bit confused by this melt down but it ended up ok in the end!
Hanging out with everyone was so much fun I almost didn't know what to do with myself! I wanted to be at all places all at once and almost felt spread thin...there was just so much going on and so many people to be with! And to top it off all of our cousins came over with all of their kids on Saturday for BBQ swim party which was so great! We got to catch up and see all their cute kids and that was so fun!
Can I just say that my mom and dad are so incredible! They let us all stay at their house and let us raid their fridge and cupboards, they let us use their cars, invade their home and use any and everything....they basically let us take over their home like it was ours! On top of that they took us to a wonderful buffet and Saturdays Warriors Play and just as always they welcome us all with fun pillow gifts on the beds when we arrive! YOU GUYS ARE INCREDIBLE!! You are such wonderful parents and grandparents! We are so lucky to have you! And WOW do they know how to through a great vacation....! Geeze who needs a cruise, Hawaii, or an all inclusive when you can go to Gaga and Grandpa Mikes with the entire family for vacation....with a pool, hot tub, movies, games, family, fun,never ending supply of Chocolate chip, toffee cookies, fresh strawberries, blueberries...., home made rolls, never ending seedless watermelon, hagaan das ice cream, creamies .... Steak dinners....and I'm not kidding or exaggerating....you name it we had it..... WE WERE PAMPERED AND SPOILED to the EXTREME!! Dad and Mom, thank you so so much!! We had a WONDERFUL time!

You guys are the best parents and do so much for us!!! We do not deserve you! Thank you for making our weekend so incredibly fun and jam packed with excitement and most of all wonderful company! It was so fun to see everyone! Thanks TT and Erin for coming up and spending the entire weekend at mom and dads...that was so fun! And thanks Craig family for all coming too! Thanks jac and jer-bear and car and Jordan for hanging out with us and for taking the whole weekend to be with everyone and for making it so much fun!! It was so fun to all be there together! I loved waking up and feeling like we all lived at the same house...that was so fun! HEY I have a great idea...how about we build a huge gigantic house...and all the family can live in it. Or we can just all live next to each other and all share a pool house and common area! ya that would be even better! fun fun fun! soon enough right!! :)

Family... I LOVE YOU! I know court has a ton more pictures of all the fam and since I didn’t bring a camera with me to Utah I begged her to send me a few pics that she had taken via email that I could use for my blog while I am stranded here at work bored out of my mind ...so this is what she sent for now...I'm sure she will post some on her blog as well...so for more family pics check her blog soon... cus there are tons and tons of cute ones! Sorry if you didn't make the cut on my post! Thank you all family for such a fun weekend! I am the luckiest wife, sister, aunt, and daughter alive!! You guys are the best! I am so blessed to have all of you and am so thankful to KNOW that I will be with you all forever! I am so thankful for the plan of salvation and for our savior and the opportunity that he gives us to live together as a family forever! We love you and miss you already!

ps....all these pics were all taken before my hair was dyed...I’ll post some blonde pics on here as soon as I get some :)


Cade & Kelsey said...

Looks like you had a lot of fun, I didn't even know you were coming to town (I've been very behing on blogging lately). I love your modbe swimsuit in the one pic, very cute.

Mike & Zona said...

Thanks so much for writing a journal on all of the fun things we did!!! This was so great to read and re-remember! We did have such a great time and our family does get along so amazingly! What a wonderful time we all had just being with each other and loving it! I feel so blessed to know that we all love each other so much! I love having all of my kids and grandkids together! What a blast!!!!!

Craig Family said...

Oh, I wish you were still here. What a fun time. But not to worry, there will be more of it in the very near future, I can feel it in my bones. I'll send more pictures tomorrow. Love ya.

Ashley said...

I love the picture of the little kiddos showing off their polish. The cutie in the middle is posing like a 'Price Is Right' model, how adorable!