Nothing Important

I have decided that Heidi and Spencer have a secret relationship that the cameras never show…it is the only logical explanation to her accepting a ring (and as we all know) marrying him. What an idiot. Did you hear him say something like “I know its been rough lately, but I think getting married will make everything better”. Good one spencer. YOU ARE AN IDIOT. …. And not to be rude (like I care it’s a tv show) Stephanie must have fried her brains on drugs cause she is really dummy. Poor girl.

Is it just me or does everyone else copy the way lauren does her hair when you see a new style? Did you catch the double twist. One from the top with the bangs, and then one lower twist… very cute. I tried it and I liked it! That show is good for so many things.

We are only two days away from Mexico and it couldn’t come any sooner. I can not wait to do absolutley nothing! We have decided however that we are not going to sleep in while we are there….for a few reasons…hear me out.

If we sleep in until 10 or 11 everyday we will….

1. Miss breakfast

2. Not be able to be at the beach until 1:00pm at the earliest

3. Get out of the rhythm of waking up early and when we get back from vacation it might be impossible to get back in

4. Not want to exercise thus breaking another habit and making it that much harder to start up when we get home

5. Sleep through the mild morning weather

Those are all really good reasons. We decided we’d sleep until 7 or 7:30….get up exercise, go to breakfast and be ready for a long day of nothing by 10am. Sounds great to me! We have also talked about doing some fun exercises on the beach…getting up early to see the sunrise….taking naps throughout the day…sipping on diet coke until they run out….and soaking up the rays (don’t worry we brought lots of sunscreen)!

I’m so excited and I’m sorry to make you jealous, that is not my intention. On to something else.

While I was texting my sister yesterday complaining about work she sent me this picture:

My home office

I sent her this picture in response:

(Picture didn't work)

Her work looks like a lot of fun. I know its hard work, long hours and a lot of responsiblity…but I think I’m about ready for my own home office and new job title aka MOMMY/employer baby shaw.

This does not mean that we are going to be having a baby anytime soon…I just means that when the time comes…. I will be very very ready. In the mean time I’ll be here at my actual office doing pointless, meaningless things day after day. I can deal with it though… I know that soon enough my job will have a lots of meaning…

I’m sure I could go on and on about pointless things for quite a while, but I wont. Wish us luck in mexico and pray we don’t get the Pork Flu…

Oink Oink!


Brett and Lex said...

Haha, you are hilarious! Spencer is and idiot and Heidi is MORE of an idiot for marrying him. Will you do my hair in a double twist thing because that sounds cute, but I can't even french braid! HAVE FUN in MEHICO!! I think it's a good idea to still get up early - Brett and I, rather I, didn't on our honeymoon and we wasted a lot of hours that could have been filled with fun - GIVE ME A BREAK THOUGH, it was our HONEYMOON! Please, please, please HAVE A BABY!! LOVE YOU!

katie, dave, lucille and winston said...

i totally relate. it's embarrassing the amount of angst The Hills causes in my life.
have so much fun in mexico. don't bring any swiney flu back.