I keep thinking about posting something and then I forget. So here I am. Things have been wonderful lately, not anything exciting or new…but life is just wonderful. I feel good, the weather is good…summer is around the corner…good stuff all around! The last couple of weekends have been really fun! Last weekend Trev did a special mother’s day thing for Erin and lucky us (me and jac) we got to join in on the fun. He got her a hotel room for two nights, a makeover, a massage and dinner. We got to spend Friday night with her. It started with a massage ….and then we met up at the Gateway for an early dinner at happy sumo..YUM! We shopped around at gateway and then went back to the hotel. By the time we got back to the hotel we had worked up an appetite again, so we set out on foot to find somewhere to grab a bite or a treat. We walked around downtown Salt lake and after about 20 minutes found what we were looking for. It was so funny to walk down town and have people honk at us or whistle….three girls no hubbys…we laughed our bums off! We went to a place called hmmm… now that I think about it can’t remember what it was called. It is a pizzeria type place and we shared a small pizza… and as if we didn’t already have enough food, we stopped at 711 on our way back and got some treats…. Something about the night made us feel like we had to eat lots of food and treats! After walking back to the hotel we changed into our swimsuits…I’m retarded and didn’t bring one so I got in my sports bra and underwear I thought we’d be the only ones at the pool so I wasn’t too worried about my make shift swim suite but When we made it down to the pool area there were so many people! Way too many to be sporting my obvious underwear swimsuit. So I hung out while Erin and Jac got in the hot tub. We went back to the room and began a mother’s day present/project for my mom. It was so fun! We made a video/skit for her. It was called the annual mother of the year awards skit. We had six different categories where she was up for nomination… such as “comedian of the year award” or “most dramatic” or “most likely to make it to the celestial kingdom” We then nominated my mom by acting out things about my mom that we love or funny things that she does or says and seriously it was SO FUNNY!… we laughed our heads off. It was so fun making it. We laughed so hard it made my stomach hurt. It was SO SO FUN! It took a couple hours to make the video so when we were done we were way tired and all hit the sac around 1am. Jac and I got up bright and early and ran in “the race for the cure” . It was really fun. It started on 3 west and went up and around by the children’s museum and then back down 4th west around the gateway. It was only a 5k so we were done in 35 minutes but it was fun. The weather was perfect. I couldn’t believe how many people where there…it was really neat. After the race Dave met me in SLC and we spent the day shopping, eating and then went up to Mt. Green to look at lots for sale. Have you been up there lately? HOLY MOLY! We could not believe our eyes. It is heaven! It’s so pretty. I think we might build a house up there. We are in the beginning stages of thinking about it…but it looks like it will be something we can do…and we are PUMPED about it. It is probably one of the prettiest places in all of northern Utah…no joke. There is a new development up there called the cottonwoods. We had never heard of it but I guess it’s been there for a while. There are a total of nine phases and they are on phase three, which is where we would build. The community looks like something out of a movie… its really amazing. You are surrounded on all four sides by huge mountains. You feel so secluded and quaint..but its only 10 minutes to highway 89. We met with a builder yesterday and talked about our options…we are really excited and we think this might be the way we are going to go. Maybe this is why it has been so hard for us to find a home…. Because we weren’t supposed to?? Who knows…we still haven’t made any decisions..but are excited about the option! Here are a few pics of the area just to give you an idea of what I’m talking about…

My work is good. Nothing new or exciting to report. I am starting school today. I have a math class and a diversity class… and then 8 years after high school I will finally have my degree. BLA…degree shmee… I’ve been done with school for six years minus that bloody math class. Truth is I hate math, and I NEVER could justify paying to take a class I will hate. So luckly L-3 is paying for it! Yay! So my parents…and Dave’s mom will finally have what they want…. My degree! J jk guys (I’ll be happy too…although for me it makes no difference in my life whatsoever)…Seriously..if I was going to get paid big bucks or get a huge raise or something to do with a job that I loved upon getting my degree I would have done it years ago..but since that is not the case, my motivation has been little to none. But I will be glad when its over…mostly because people won’t bother me about it anymore! J ha ha jk..kinda

Dave’s is loving his job. It’s going so great. The other day on a Sunday night, dave said to me “I’m excited to go to work tomorrow”….i thought he was kidding and kinda laughed it off and said…”ya me too I can’t wait”….he quickly told me he wasn’t kidding and that he was actually excited. It made me so happy to hear that he really felt that way. He has been LOVING his job. He has done some amazing things for ATK, things they didn’t even know were possible before he came to work for them and they are really letting him run with his ideas and the project and he is loving it. It makes me happier than I could ever explain to think that he looks forward to going to work. When I think about work..i think about throwing up….but I’ve come to grips with it and I can handle it because I know I won’t be working forever….but when I think about my sweet husband who works so hard every day and will continue to do so to support me and our future family for his entire life…I hate to think that he will want to throw up every day for the rest of his life. So obviously his feelings and excitement about work are so wonderful and truly a blessing from heavenly father.

What else have we been doing?? We have been kicking our butts lately working out…really trying to get in good shape. I am really proud of us. We are both lifting and doing cardio and really working it. We both feel better, look better, and are loving what we are doing. Being active and pushing yourself to be stronger makes everything in life seem easier and more exciting. When you feel strong and motivated in one area, it seems radiate to all the others. Needless to say we are feeling good and working hard, and I’m proud of both of us… it took us a while to get out of the rut we are in…but we both feel confident we won’t get back into it that rut, because being out of it feels way too good! Our hard work has and will continue to pay off and we are slowly but surely starting to see that.

Good news! I think we are still going to Mexico. Since the swine flu has tamed down a bit we feel comfortable going…we are super excited and very happy that it worked out this way! So that’s really all I have to write about. Nothing too exciting just life. I guess I do have a few random thoughts, here they are

· Have you tried morning start veggie burgers? They are SO good. I feel like I ordered it from a restaurant every time I have one. Try it you will thank me

· I think my body is used to being sore and is accepting the soreness as a normal way to feel…I think it might feel weird if it’s not sore…??

· My fingernails 3 days ago were so long. Longer than they have ever been in my life. I kept them for 3 weeks and then I accidently bit them off in sacrament meeting

· Why didn’t anyone give me any suggestion on bronzers??

· Have you tried Snickers protein bars? 10g protein 150 calories…one of the best tasting protein bars I’ve tried… (Wal-Mart)

· I love the hills…it cracks me up and I love it

· I don’t have to work tomorrow and I’m really excited

· Thank goodness I’m getting my hair highlighted tomorrow cus my grow out is disgusting

· I really want to live in Mt. Green

· Yesterday I read a story in the news where a man from Twain sat on his toilet at home to go to the bathroom and a snake came up and bit his penis…. I laughed out loud! (he ended up being ok)

Bye bye!!


Craig Family said...

That was so entertaining and fun to read. Especially the snake bite! Made me laugh. I love Mt. Green too. Don't have a good body bronzer that I know of. Post a picture of your hair before and after. I'll have to try the snicker protein bar, sounds yummy. So happy you are going to Mexico. So happy your hubby likes his job. So happy you're my sister! Love you millions and jillions.

Tonic said...

Nice post! Loved it. I love The Hills too, haven't tried the Snicker's bar and wish I was getting my hair done tomorrow and not next week. And I, too, want to live in Mtn. Green. But Farmington is close.

Miller Family said...

Wow good post! I am so glad that things are so great for you! I hope you guys can build a house up in Mt. Green that would rock!

The Hodsons said...

Haha the snake story is hilarious!! I would love to build in Mt Green,...good luck with that little endeavour!!!

Emily said...

Love your posts!!!! We also love Mt Green....maybe we will be neighbors in the future!! So about the snake story....I can write the word penis but for some reason I hate to say it! Brian likes to say it lots cause it makes my get the chills in a yuck kindof way!