3 Strikes, you’re OUT!

What the freak! Dang it all to (#)*$()#*$()*$. This morning started out like any other morning, Dave and I got up and went to the gym. I headed upstairs to kick kill myself on the stair climber (sometimes it feels like I might die) and Dave headed down stairs to run. After I was drenched in sweat and couldn’t bare to go one more step, I went down to run next to Dave. When I got down there he handed me his phone and said “look”, and looked…. Lo and behold on his phone was the 10 day weather forecast for Cancun, Mexico…. At first I got really excited as I imagined our 8 day stay in pork paradise…. But as I looked closer I saw this:









Sunday: SUNNY AND CLEAR (the day we leave)

My heart sank. How could this be? Was it a joke? My mind raced with a million thoughts….Can we cancel now without huge fees? Should we just go and ignore the thunderstorm warning? What type of trip would it be if we were cooped up in our room for 8 days? Is someone trying to tell us not to go? There were several things that seemed to stop us…this being the third. First the kidnappings with the drug lords, then the swine pork flu, (I know that’s not what it’s called I just like to say it like that) and then the third thing….8 straight days of thunder storms. What are the chances? Not very likely right!? I thought about it for the rest of my workout and surprisingly was not too upset by the idea of canceling. This made me think that it might be the right thing to not go. Am I making this up or is the spirit telling us not to go? It kinda feels that way to me. GEEZE LOUISE!! I called my dad and we tried to figure out various options of different places to go…turns out Cali, Mexico, Florida, Costa Rica and all the western and eastern Bahamas will all be raining and thunder storming all week long. After talking with Dave and weighing out our options we decided it may be best to postpone. I called continental to see if this was possible without outrageous fees, luckily they were more than happy to place our ticket on hold due to the pork flu regulations the airline put in place. Phew! The resort was great as well. They are going to put our deposit on hold and let us use it when we decide to come…sometime in the near future I hope. So that’s that. We are no longer going. Instead of being too upset about it, I’m going to look on the bright side and think that it was not meant to be for us to go this week. If the weather clears up we might go next week….if not who knows.

I’m in the process of trying to find us a great deal to go to Vegas for the weekend. I figure if we do something vacationie we won’t feel as bad….but it’s not looking so good, I can’t find any good deals. If anyone knows of any killer last minute deals please let me know!

If we don’t go to Vegas I’m thinking tomorrow will call for some extra cold diet cokes a few of our favorite snacks and an entire day of lounging by the pool. Sound good to me!


The Robinson's said...

Nat I'm sorry about your anniversary trip. That sucks. I was laughing when I read your post about the hills. I just caught up last night (I was behind a few episodes) and I agree with you- heidi and spencer must have somethin' else goin' on behind the scenes. I am hooked though- I can't shake it!
So that is exciting about building a house. I hope it all works out for you guys.
About the friends BBQ- I would love to come. We get home from Lake Powell on the 13th- so I could probably swing by on my way to pick up the boys at my parents. It is just friends or spouses too? Keep me updated on the details. Email me or call me. Hope you have a good weekend.

Mike & Zona said...

Your blog is so cute! But it made me sad for you. I love your "pork flu". I know one day you guys will be able to go! Love you